Hamilton Band Young Rival Dominates eBar

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

  • Young Rival captured the hearts of the entire crowd at eBar

    Young Rival captured the hearts of the entire crowd at eBar

Written by Ashley Casey

As live music captured Guelph’s downtown Thursday night, the cheers and applauding seemed to be heard loudest at eBar within seconds of the Hamilton band Young Rival hitting the stage. After the show when chatting with lead vocalist and guitarist Aron D’Alesio he had one thing to say about the venue, “We love the eBar... it’s always lots of fun”. The trip down HWY 6 to eBar and the vibe given off by the audience that night can make it easy for anyone to see why this band returned again this year.

 Throughout the show it seemed that this stellar band just kept feeding off the enthusiasm of the crowd.  When playing songs like “Your Island” and “Modern Life” you could hear audience members shouting out the lyrics; people could not stand still, there was no one sitting, no one without a smile on their face, singing along, without eyes glued to this young trio. When asked about his thoughts on the audience singing along Aron only had one word “Fulfilling”.

Just coming off a West Coast tour with Hollerado, Young Rival has made quite the name for themselves. “We strive for being unique and being ourselves” Aron stated. “A different school of thought” is what the lead vocalist / guitarist used to explain their unique sound.  With the influencing sounds of 60’s Garage and Rocafella music, Young Rival tends to “dig back” into classic Rock and Roll to create distinct catchy beats and lyrics.  When asked about influences like these Aron chuckled, “I didn’t even know about Nirvana until Kurt died... I looked to Led Zeppelin and the Grass Roots”. 

Appealing to small cities like Guelph and larger cities like Hamilton, Toronto and Vancouver, Young Rival is capturing audiences around the nation.  Making their own sound of Rock n’Roll, Young Rival dominated eBar yet again and people can only wait until the next time they come to town.  With an album just completed in the studios and a release date in Spring/Summer of 2012, one can only hope they are back very soon.

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