Important Information about Renting or Ending a Lease

Monday, February 23, 2009


Written by Arden Hagedorn

Hello Undergrads,

As you are looking for apartments and houses to rent for the next year or if you are leaving your current housing, I highly recommend reading material created by Community Legal Education Ontario (CLEO) Below is a link to CLEO booklets online. The last booklet, "What Tenants Need to Know about the Law" provides a good summary of the Residential Tenancies Act which outlines the legal relationship between tenants and landlords in Ontario. The fourth booklet, "Moving Out", outlines the steps you should take to end your current lease. I know as students you have a lot to read as it is, but reading these CLEO resources will take under an hour and will help you understand your rights and responsibilities as a renter. If you have any questions about renting please contact me, the CSA Legal Resource Room, or Off-Campus Living.

CLEO booklets: http://www.cleo.on.ca/english/pub/onpub/subject/landlord.htm

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