Important Update on Student Registration Problems

Friday, November 10, 2006


Written by Gonzalo Moreno

As Thecannon.ca has been reporting, a considerable percentage of students who registered to vote through the Central Student Association found out in the advance polling stations set up in Guelph last Saturday and Monday that they had not in fact been added to the voters’ list.

A source from the City Clerk’s Office, who preferred to remain anonymous, confirmed to Thecannon.ca that problems with student registration were "all over the place." There were issues with "no signatures, or birthdates (...) some names were just initialled, some applications only said 'University of Guelph' or 'campus' [as address] on them." As a result, "there was a big chunk of them that we couldn't process (...), about one-fifth of them. If the application is incomplete, you can't be on the list."

The same source said that today they had received another “pile of applications from the University,” but that “the voters’ list has already been printed (…), we can’t change it.” As a result, anyone that has registered through the CSA in the last few days (whether their application is complete or not) will in all likelihood not be on the voters’ list come election day.

Students should be reminded that it is possible to add oneself to the voters’ list at their polling station on election day itself, but that will take a while longer than just showing up and voting. “They can still vote,” confirmed the clerk official. To play it safe on election day, whether you are registered or not (or are unclear about it), “make sure you bring proof of your Guelph address (i.e. bills sent to you in Guelph) and at least one piece of photo identification,” says Jen Schneider, Neighbour Relations and Off-Campus Peer, in her latest column for Thecannon.ca.

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