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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Peruvian Earthquake-
The CBC is reporting that over 300 people have died from a 7.9 magnitude earthquake in Peru. The epicenter was southwest of the Peruvian capital of Lima and the earthquake struck at 6:41pm local time on Wednesday. The hardest hit location was the region of Ica. Juan Mendoz, the mayor of Pisco in the Ica region stated "the dead are scattered by the dozens on the streets." and that "at least 200 people were buried under the rubble of a church that collapsed while they were attending a religious service."

Michael Vick Plea Deal
NBC affiliate WSLS in Richmond Virginia is reporting that Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick has been offered a plea agreement which would include a year or more behind bars. Vick was indicted and is facing the threat of further charges related to a dog fighting ring that was discovered at a property he owned "The charges include allegations that they trained dogs for fights held at the Surry property, elsewhere in Virginia and in other states. The indictment also includes gruesome details of how they killed dogs, sometimes by electrocution, that didn't measure up."

Jose Padilla Verdict
American Jose Padilla was found guilty of "conspiracy to support Islamic terrorism overseas." The verdict cam down just after 2pm Thursday August 16. According to CNN, Padilla was arrested in Chicago in 2002 as he returned from Pakistan. He was detained by the military as an "enemy combatant." His case reached the Supreme Court but the court did not rule on the legality of his detention by the military because he had been transfer to civilian authorities for trial. Padilla was arrested on allegations that he intended to set of "dirty bombs" in the US however, this verdict is in regards to completely unrelated charges.

Iraq Suicide Bombings
The CBC is reporting that the death toll in this week's suicide bombings is presumed over 500. The coordinated attack took place in the Northwest of the country, near the border with Syria. The apparent target was the "Yazidi community, an ancient Kurdish sect that worships an angel figure that some Muslims and Christians consider to be the devil." No group has claimed responsibility for the attack but local governmental and US military authorities are pointing at "al-Qaeda." This attack is now the largest confirmed loss of life since the 2003 invasion.

Briefing a Brief
The Guelph Mercury is reporting that a Marijuana grow-op was busted in the south-end Wednesday night. That's it.

Guelph Bus Service
The Mercury, again, is reporting that Guelph transit is moving routes during peak times from a 30 minute service to a 40 minute service. According to Randall French, director of Guelph Transit, the move to a 40 minute service interval is simply an admission of the current reality. The current 30 minute schedule is based upon a system created prior to recent expansion of the city. New traffic signals and increased traffic have made it nearly impossible for drivers to keep to schedule during peak times. The official change from 30 to 40 minute intervals will take place September 2.

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