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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

News Briefs from around the world:

Impeach Cheny
A Resolution to Impeach US Vice President Dick Cheny was introudeced to the US House of Representatives on November 6th by Presidential nomination candidate Dennis Kucinich. The back-runner for the Democratic nomination initially intrduced the impeachment resolution on April 24th and re introduced the same resolution on the 6th as a priviledged resolution which forces the House of Representatives to act on it within two days. The House chose to send the resolution to the House Judiciary committee for evaluation. The three articles within the resolution outlined the reasons for impeachment.

1. The Vice President decieved the American public and congress about the existance of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq in order to gain approval for war.

2. The Vice President decieved the American public and congress about the existance of connections between Saddam Huissein and Al Qaeda in order to gain approval for war.

3. The Vice President has threatened an aggressive war against Iran, which is a crime under the U.N. Charter, and therefore via Article 6 of the US constitution, US law.

For more information on the process check The Real News or check out the Washington Post's coverage.

France Ground to a Halt.
French President Nicolas Sarkozy has introduced 5 points for economic reform that aim to cut costs and improve the French economy. A similar set of reforms were introduced last year while Sarcozy was Minister of the Interior. The 2006 reforms were met with massive opposition and were eventually defeated. In 2007 Sarkozy is instituting reforms in a piece-meal fashion that is directed at specific sections of the economy. French transit workers have been on strike since the week of November 12th. On November 20th the transit workers were joined by students, postal workers, teachers, air traffic controllers and other public employees. It has been estimated by the French Minister of Finance that the strikes are costing the French economy between 300 and 400 million Euros per day. For more reading on the topic check out The Irish Times or for a list of updated articles on the French Transit Strikes check out Google News Search

Khmer Rouge Tribunal Begins
In Cambodia the first public hearing of a special tribunal to prosicute members of the Khmer Rouge has taken place. According to the International Herald Tribune of France Kaing Guek Eav, known as Duch, was in charge of the Tuol Sleng prison and over saw thousands of executions. The tribunal was formed last year, nearly three decades after the Socialist Republic of Viet Nam invaded Cambodia and effectively removed the Khmer Rouge from power in 1979. The activities of the Khmer Rouge resulted in the estimated deaths of 1.5 million from a population of 7.5 million people. The trials of 5 still living Khmer Rouge figures are expected to begin next year.

Fun in the News

When the King says Shut Up you make it into a ringtone.
According to the BBC, an argument broke out between Spain's Prime Minister Luis Rodriguez Zapatero and Hugo Chavez of Venezuela when Chavez repeatedly called the former Spanish Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar a "fascist". Zapetero attempted to respond to Chavez's comments while Chavez repeatedly inturrupted him. At that point, Spain's King Juan Carlos leaned forward and said "Por que no te callas?" or "why don't you shut up?" Since the incident in Santiago, Chile, it has become a hit on YouTube and as a ringtone in Spain and among Chavez's opponents in Venezuela. According to the CBC sales of the ringtone have generated upwards of $2 million Canadian.

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