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Sunday, July 3, 2011

  • Think you know a lot about music? Give this contest a try!

    Think you know a lot about music? Give this contest a try!

Written by facethemusic.sirius.ca

For as long as I can remember, my older brother and I have always played a game that we call “the radio game.” It entails an intense competition of being the first to name the band/ singer and title of each song that comes on the radio. I always found this game to be both entertaining and challenging, but Sirius Radio has taken it to the next level with their release of “Face the Music Summer Concert Series.”

Sirius Radio has designed an online music challenge that requires people across the nation to compete regionally for a chance at winning a concert in their city.

The stakes are high as the line-up includes K-OS, Sam Roberts Band, Bedouin Soundclash, Broken Social Scene, The Trews, City and Colour and many more.

The challenge is compiled of several sound clips of songs varying across the genre spectrum from hip hop to classic rock.

Each sound clip is played with a series of multiple choice options. The contestant must guess the song as quickly as possible to achieve a greater number of points. After completing the questions, a score and a comment regarding your personal musical knowledge will appear. It only takes mere moments to complete and is really entertaining.

The city with the most points within its appropriate region will be rewarded the chance to host two amazing musical talents for an awesome summer concert.

Guelph is in the Central Region category, giving our community the opportunity to host a concert with Broken Social Scene and Bedouin Soundclash in the heart of this fantastic city.

In order for the Guelph community to experience such an amazing concert, residents must actively compete in “Face the Music” and spread the word to increase our chances.

The Guelph community currently holds the third place position in the music challenge, giving the city potential to win the contest in our region. Log onto http://facethemusic.sirius.ca/ to complete the contest.

The contest closes July 6th at 5pm. Winners of each region will be notified by July 7th.

If you love music and love a challenge, try out this contest that lets you listen to awesome music and gives you and your city a chance to listen to even better music live.

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