Jenn Watt's letter to MPP Liz Sandals

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

  • MPP Sandals

    MPP Sandals

Written by Jenn Watt

Dear Hon. Liz Sandals,

We write to you as the undergraduate student voice of the University of Guelph and as concerned community members over the upcoming provincial budget.

As you are probably aware, our university is currently undertaking budget proposals for 2005/06. As spending cuts and tuition increases are put on the table, we, as students are feeling unnerved. Our president Alastair Summerlee, has suggested that the University of Guelph may need to layoff staff members, reduce budgets for all of our colleges and increase the tuition of international students. As a symbolic gesture, none of the senior administrators will take a pay increase this year.

What is worrisome to us, as student representatives, is that this is the second year in a row that the University is undertaking cuts that will injure our tenuous grasp on quality postsecondary education. Our buildings are falling apart (we've had four fire alarms in a month due to deferred maintenance problems), our classes are understaffed (student to teacher ratio is 24:1) and our classrooms are dingy due to an overworked custodial staff.

We realize that the financial situation at Queen's Park is stretched and that many programs need fixing. However, postsecondary education has been a low priority to so many governments for so many years that what we have left is barely suitable for the level of tuition we pay as students.

We are asking for you to take our pleas forward, as our representative. We need our voices and concerns to be heard by the provincial government and, ultimately, we need more funding. This university simply cannot take any more cuts.


Jenn Watt
On behalf of the Central Student Association

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