Keeping the dumps empty

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

When people think about cutting down on waste in order to help the environment things like recycling cans and bottles, using compact fluorescent light bulbs or using a reusable coffee mug instead of the paper throw away cups. However, there are more common things that are creating a devastating effect on the environment.

Everyone has seen the eyesore that are plastic bags left to tumble in the wind. However, plastic bags are more than just ugly, they can cause serious problems. According to a CBC report from March plastic bags have been pointed to as the cause for flooding in Mumbai, India that claimed the lives of 400. These deaths have led to the banning of such bags in Mumbai and there have been similar bans for various reasons all over the globe.

To cut back without actually banning plastic bags, the University of Guelph Sustainability Program was giving out reusable cloth bags Thursday and Friday near the cannon in Branion Plaza. Each bag came with a pledge to consider sustainability in their actions, info on enhanced recycling and other waste reduction tips.

This past weekend was also the extension of Guelph's Goods Exchange weekend by providing for people to pick up for free the large and bulky items that were picked up in the Spring's Dump & Run. In parking lot 30 on the west side of Gordon st people lined up to claim furniture that may well have otherwise decorated a garbage dump rather than local houses and apartments.

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