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Sunday, February 13, 2011


Written by Greg Beneteau

Molly McManus

BA, Individual Studies, 3rd Year

I am running to ignite positive changes on the Board of Governors and ensure that the student voice is heard. I will work to keep students up-to-date on the changes being made to their university. The BoG is the highest voting body at the university, and by being a part of it I will have more opportunities to let students know what the BoG does, how they do it and how students can have their voices heard. I have previous experience on the CSA Board, Pittsburgh’s Youth Council, and have been actively researching the BoG since my first year.

The candidate submitted written responses to the interview questions

1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself. (Take the opportunity to introduce yourself to student in whatever way you’d like).

My name is Molly McManus and I am a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student studying Community Organizing for Social Change. This year I am the Coordinator of the CSA Food Bank. I also organize events through the Critical Knowledge Collective.

2. Why do you want to sit on the University of Guelph’s Board of Governors?

Every governing body works better when there is more than one perspective at the table. I will bring a strong critical perspective to the Board of Governors and work with students to ensure that their voice and concerns are being heard.

3. What experiences or skills do you have that make you an ideal candidate for the BoG?

Before I came to Guelph I sat on the City of Pittsburgh’s Mayors Youth council as a representative of my high school. During that time I chaired both the Post-Secondary Education Committee and the Community Relations and Political Action Committee. In my first year at Guelph I was elected to the CSA Board of Directors and began researching the Board of Governors. I have taken an active interest in policy and university governance since even before I came to Guelph. I am very familiar with the BoG’s structure and responsibilities. Through my time as an employee at the Human Rights Office and Food Bank I have had the privilege of hearing the concerns of a wide variety of students and have worked with them to rectifying their issues.

4. Can you outline some experiences that have given you knowledge of University policies and the way things are run?

Through the research I have conducted on university governance and through designing my own major through the Independent Studies program, as well as working with students who had human rights-related concerns or problems affording education and feeding themselves I have learned a lot about how things are run and see a lot of room for improvement. I have seen students actively campaign for changes in practice and policy. These experiences have all contributed to my knowledge of both the current situation and the potential that our university has.

5. What goals do you have for your term on the BoG?
I am a strong supporter of financially accessible, quality, post-secondary education, and of creating a campus that encourages critical thinking and increasing democratic control by students over our university. My goal is to first and foremost make the Board a more student-friendly place to be. You have a right to understand what is going on and how you can have your voice heard.

6. The undergraduate student body is huge and diverse; how will you ensure you represent the interests of students on the Board of Governors?

I am very approachable and receptive to experiences and concerns that differ from mine. I strongly believe it is in the best interest of everyone for students to know what is going on. I will take concerns and interests that are brought to me by students to the Board, as well as assisting students who would like to come to the Board themselves to speak on their own behalf and not have me speak for them.

7. Is there anything else you'd like to add? (Opportunity to summarize points, re-iterate positions, remind people to vote, etc.)

You have a chance to impact change through voting this week and in the coming year by demanding accountability from the Board of Governors and your student representatives who sit at the table. If you have any questions you can email me at 

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