Meet your CSA Bi-Election candidates: Zamir Merali

Thursday, September 30, 2010



Zamir Merali

College of Biological Sciences

Candidate Statement

My name is Zamir Merali and I’m a 3rd year Bio- Medical Sciences major. When it comes to representing the College Of Biological Sciences to the CSA, I believe in two things. Firstly, our college has been misrepresented to the CSA in the past years. No change, that is going to benefit the students of our college, is going to come about without a lot of hard work and careful planning.

I am fully dedicated to spending as much time as necessary to make sure that we get everything we deserve from the CSA.

The sort of change that I am going to work towards is the long overdue, 24 hour library hours. We need a place where we can go at all hours of the day to work on our demanding course loads.

I am also working towards creating a database of summer internships, lab placements, hospital jobs etc. that CBS students can use to find a job that will relate directly to what they are studying. It is so important to graduate with experience, especially when competing for the most innovative and exciting jobs with graduates from around the country.

The second thing I believe in, is that the Central Student Association has to be seamlessly connected to the students. I will make sure that I am as available and approachable as possible. If a CBS student has an idea or concern, I’m going to make sure to hear it out and work towards to addressing it with the CSA.

I really care about my college and I hope that if you share my passion for bettering our university, and you trust me with the responsibility you will vote for me. I look forward to an exciting and productive year.

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