Meet your CSA Bi-Elections candidates: Douglas Murray

Friday, October 1, 2010


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Douglas Murray

College of Physical and Applied Human Sciences

Candidate Statement

My name is Douglas Murray and I have been studying at the University of Guelph for four years in the School of Engineering. In my time at Guelph I have worked and developed relationships with students from a variety of backgrounds and with many diverse points of view.

I believe it is extremely important for the students at Guelph to be aware of their rights and have their voices heard in our Central Students Association. I believe I can be an effective at-large representative for the College of Physical and Engineering Science on the CSA Board of Directors.

Through effective communication with undergraduates I want to fairly and ethically represent the viewpoints and wishes of the students in CPES to the CSA Board. Beyond this, I believe in increasing awareness among the student body about the function and decisions made by the CSA Board so that undergraduate wishes are well reflected. As the communication lines between undergrads and the CSA become more effective, the members of CPES and undergraduates at large can look forward to an effective and representative student government.

In conclusion, I believe I can speak for student rights, communicate to the student body and work toward a more effective student government as at-large representative for CPES on the CSA Board of Directors.

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