Meet your CSA Election candidates: Amy Bronson

Monday, March 7, 2011


Name: Amy Bronson

Running for: CSA Board of Directors (College of Social and Applied Human Sciences)


1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself.

Originally from Lethbridge, Alberta, I moved to Guelph in 2008 to study International Development. I am currently in my third year of ID with an emphasis in Economics and Business Development. At first I was pursuing a Women’s Studies minor, but now am exploring Marketing. I like bicycles and guitars. I believe in human agency and participation.

 I was first elected to the CSA Board of Directors last fall as CSAHS at-large representative and am excitedly looking to participate for another term.

2. Why do you want to represent students on the CSA Board of Directors?

 I think the Central Student Association shapes the experience we have as undergraduates here significantly. I want to represent students because I believe in my ability to participate in the decisions, big and small, made at the board level. During my first few years as a student here, I passively observed the actions of the CSA. After becoming involved I’ve realized how much I think students should know about the CSA, and how I want to work to see student engagement with our student union politics.

I also believe in the anti-oppressive and accessible mandates of the CSA very deeply. My actions and decisions will uphold these principles.

3. What experiences or skills do you have that make you an ideal candidate for your position?

I have 5 months of experience as a Board of Directors representative. Academically, my studies in business give me the ability to understand financial areas of the CSA and practical skills within the organization. The interdisciplinary program that I am in provides a broad perspective on human issues I think allows me to make informed decisions.

I really value communication and am interested in doing this effectively to promote student engagement.

4. Can you outline some experiences that have given you knowledge of CSA policies and the way things are run?

With 5 months of Board of Directors experience, I am beginning to understand the functions of the CSA very well. I have been involved in many subcommittees, such as a research committee on student opinion on bottled water. I have read through the CSA by-laws and policies and seen them put into action.  As an upper-year student, I think that having followed campus politics for several years gives me a well-rounded perspective.

5. What goals do you have for your term?

My main goal for my term is to find new ways of being accessible and engaging to students in the CSAHS college as I make decisions on their behalf. I have decided to start an online blog to discuss the way I intend to vote on various issues before the meeting. That way, my constituents can contact me to share their opinion before hand.

To see increased student awareness and engagement, I really believe in the value of face-to-face communication. This applies especially to promotion of the Annual General Meeting that students often don’t attend. I want to speak in classrooms and be active to let students know why they should care.

6. The undergraduate student body is large and diverse; how will you ensure you represent the interests of students?

The CSAHS college is an especially diverse group comprised of many different disciplines.  As an International Development student, my studies take place in many different areas within this college. I feel this enhances my ability to understand the different disciplines. When I vote at the Board of Directors meetings, I try to reason out my decisions, ask questions, and do research before hand. It is through this that I will represent the interests of the CSAHS college to the best of my ability. I encourage anyone with questions to communicate with me further.

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