Meet your CSA General Election Candidates: Anastasia Zavarella

Monday, February 22, 2010

Name: Anastasia Zavarella

Position: Local Affairs Commissioner

Candidate Statement:

"I am in my fifth year at the University of Guelph in political science with a minor in women's studies. I've been active in Guelph Queer Equality for three years now, currently as the External Liaison. I have also done some organizing and speaking in the Drop Fees campaign, as well as been active against the closure of Women's Studies.

Serving as GQE's voting seat on the CSA and witnessing (as well as being a party to) the representation of the student body has inspired me to run for the position of Local Affairs Commissioner. At this increasingly atomized campus, students are struggling to find linkages between themselves and other students, as well as the world at large. As Local Affairs Commissioner, I would work to foster a sense of unity and solidarity on campus, as well as a sense concern for issues within the Guelph Community. I hope to illuminate the intersections of the struggles of students with that of the struggles of oppressed groups locally, nationally and globally. My goal is to help bring awareness to the University of Guelph campus and, in turn, facilitate the empowerment of students. Generally, I would like to see U of G come back to its activist roots, where in a world that we see so few positive message of change, they are equipped with the passion and hopefulness necessary to challenge the status quo."

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