Meet your CSA General Election candidates: Curtis Batuszkin

Monday, February 22, 2010

Name: Curtis Batuszkin

Position: External Affairs Commissioner

Candidate Statement:

"I am a 5th year BAS student studying Biology and Philosophy while also pursuing a political science interest. I am running for the position of External Affairs Commissioner.

I have 3 years of RLS experience responding to and advocating for student university transition concerns. This work has allowed me to maintain close relationships with IHC and RLS thus allowing me to maintain connections with our first year student populations.

I have experience with the CSA bylaws and policies through my past election experience, regular attendance at the CSA board meetings, and regular operations in concert with CSA executives. I hope to encourage an interest in rebuilding our endowed scholarships through fundraising with external organization, forming a locally defined perspective about student access to education, and facilitating and encouraging student involvement in the formation of CSA policy within the greater university community.

I have a history of pragmatic criticism and response to student concerns (CFS referendum work, student fee transparency, tuition concerns, lobbying efforts, and collaboration with dozens of student groups). This has allowed me to form strong working relationships with many student groups and unions based throughout more than 13 different universities. I have used these connections to help with fundraising, attendance, and support for cultural, environmental sustainability, and other national issues.

Student solidarity begins locally and must be pursued externally. I strive to continue to understand the student body through collaboration, open communication, spirited discourse, and through extensive and continued consultation throughout the year. With this knowledge, we can best represent the central tenets of our student population and engage in meaningful and lasting relationships with students across the country."

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