Meet your CSA General Election candidates: Denise Martins

Monday, February 22, 2010

Name: Denise Martins

Position: External Affairs Commissioner

Candidate Statement:

"Denise Martins - CSA External Affairs Commissioner Nominee

I am running for external affairs commissioner of your student union because I love the diverse community our university offers. I am involved in various aspects of this community and have many ideas as to how we could work together to create a more accessible and welcoming space for all. I already work to make myself readily available to students, which I think is a vital part of every student union. Although I have many ideas for the union, I also want to empower students in every way possible to come foreward with criticism and ideas of their own. I believe all students are diverse and passionate individuals with many aspects to their lives and the student union should strive to reflect that.

As a full-time Political Science student, I have experienced everything from hour-long lineups for OSAP to having three full buses pass me by. I know what it's like to run out of money and have to depend on the student food bank. I know many people that applied to over 50 jobs this past summer and got hired for none. Unemployment and tuition are at an all-time high, especially for youth, and now more than ever we need representatives that can speak to our needs.

Students all over the world are organizing and many have achieved what some have only dreamed of. We need to prepare to put up a fight for accessible education. After all, if we don't work to defend our rights, who will?"

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