Meet your CSA General Election candidates: Kevin Bowman

Monday, February 22, 2010

Name: Kevin Bowman

Position: Academic & University Affairs Commissioner

Candidate Statement:

" To Whom it May Concern

I, Kevin Bowman, wish to submit my candidacy for the position of Academic and University Affairs Commissioner in the upcoming CSA General Election. I have been at the University of Guelph for four and a half years now and consider the camous and city to be home. This community have given me so much and if elected I intend to give back tot he best of my abilities. I am a firm believer that there is always room for improvement and the moment any organization stops striving to better itself is the moment that the organization jeapordizes its relevancy. There have been several student issues that have arisen recently that have convinced me that the CSA would benefit from a more established, accessible and active communication regime. I wish to work to ensure that the students of Guelph find it early to be well informed and active decision makers in their community. The aim of course being to guarantee the ALL stakeholders in any decision are allowed ample opportunity to express their position and the reasons for it.  I would work hard towards these goals in addition to my duties as outlined in the CSA bylaws.


Kevin Bowman" 

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