Meet your CSA General Election canidates: Shaun Karey-McKenna

Monday, February 22, 2010

Name: Shaun Karey-McKenna

Position: Local Affairs Commissioner

Candidate Statement:

"I am a third year undergraduate Math student. For the past year I have sat on the University Centre Board, chairing the Finance subcommittee. I work part-time for the City of Guelph and have previous experience working for other municipalities, being involved with a number of committees there. I bring a good understanding of how to get things done through the committee process, an invaluable trait for a Local Affairs Commissioner to have.

As your Local Affairs Commissioner, I'll focus on ensuring that we keep our Universal Bus Pass (one of the best in the country) at an affordable level for students. Furthermre, I'll work to get even better bus coverage; student should never have to stand watching a bus go by while they miss a class. Doubling up busses on peak routes during peak hours, as well as extending coverage time, is not only a good idea, it is something I will advocate for.

Much is made of "green" practices. Environmental accountability is something I will seek to guarantee in every policy. One of the "greenest" things the City has done, in collaboratoin with the CSA, is the Universal Bus Pass. Student that habitually use mass transit will continue to do so later in life. I will strive to continue good policies such as this.

The Local Affairs Commissioner is responsible for the Food Bank and I believe that having enough food to eat is a basic human right, not a privilege. It is imperative that everyone has food to eat, and the Food Bank doesw a good job of fulfilling this imperative. It cannot be allowed to falter, and if elected, I will do my best to ensure it does not.

Students need a voice in Guelph, and I can and want to be that voice."

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