Mount Allison SAC lobbies for prime real estate as "Student Centre" becomes "University Centre"

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Written by Full story at "The Argosy"

A story from the Mount Allison student paper says "The plans for the new University Centre in Trueman House hit a snag this week, as a recent meeting between major stakeholders in the new building forced a reorganization of the office layouts.

This is also the first time, however, that many students have heard the new building being referred to as a “University Centre”. For the past several years of marketing and development, the building was referred to as a Student Centre. But according to those involved in the planning process, the shift in name will have little effect on the final layout of the building, since the planning committees always referred to it as a University Centre. It was only in public documents that it was called a Student Centre.

“Last spring, when students were voting on whether or not they would support the project financially through the JUMP campaign, however, the referendum question posed to students was, “Are you in favour of an annual $35 JUMP Campaign student fee to go towards the new student centre [sic]?”

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