Move in Day, Calmer Than Years Passed.

Friday, September 7, 2012

  • Orientation Week Volunteers spreading cheer

    Orientation Week Volunteers spreading cheer

Written by Abigel Lemak

Sept. 1 held the promise of a hectic day, as first years pilled into crammed cars and headed to their new residential homes. Clad in Gryphon colours, Orientation Week Volunteers (OVs) lined the streets surrounding campus, directing traffic with City Police. Armed with encouraging smiles and quick directions, the task of moving roughly 4000 people onto campus was celebrated by most this year as a success.

“We’ve gotten a lot of compliments about [Move-In Day], it’s running very smoothly,” said OV Catherine Sutherland, Environmental Science Major. “Everyone likes how we’re on each step of the journey telling them where to go.” 

The buzzing energy of the OVs helped keep freshman students and parents upbeat and patient while waiting for a chance to drop of their things. The successful planning and execution of Move-In Day left volunteers waiting for the “real” Move-In chaos-- as experienced in previous years-- to begin.

“They’ve broken it down this year by two hours, instead of four hour blocks,” said OV Jane Moore, explaining why this years Move-In Day may trump the rest. 

OVs paraded across campus spreading Gryphon cheer, making sure no freshman was left stranded or confused. Other veteran volunteers focused on getting first year students and their belongings off the grass and into their residence as quickly as possible, making room for the next batch of students to funnel in. 

With all of the hard work that goes into Move-In Day, OVs still managed to stay positive and have fun.

“It’s been pretty exciting,” said OV Breanna Van Abbema, Psychcology Coop Major. “I’m the fridge lady: whenever there’s fridges going by you’ll hear me screaming, ‘Ya fridge!’ Someone was trying to beat my record from last year of 65 fridges, they’re at 31 so far-- I’m a little concerned for my record.”

The grassy areas surrounding South were covered in students guarding their small hoard of things, waiting eagerly to start off their first semester at U of G and get in synch with student life.

“It was pretty smooth [getting here], though the parking lot was kind of a zoo,” said Erin Nichol, International Development. “Very excited for [frosh week,] can’t wait to get started!”

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