News Briefs for December 6, 2007

Thursday, December 6, 2007


Written by andrea bennett

Maclean’s magazine sued over article about Islam

An article published by Maclean’s magazine in October 2006 and titled “The Future Belongs to Islam” is the subject of a human rights complaint that has been brought forth by four Osgoode Hall law students . The federal, Ontario and British Columbia human rights commissions will look into the issue.

Bush vs. Evidence

For months there has been speculation that the neo-conservative Bush administration will push troops into Iran next. (With popularity polls languishing and death tolls rising , how did this ever seem like a good idea to George W.?) Anyway, Bush is insisting that Iran is still a nuclear threat , even though an intelligence investigation found that Iran had halted their nuclear weapons program four years ago. Next he’ll explain that déja vu is a type of WMD that needs to be crushed with the appropriate combination of American values and troops.

Harper vs. Environment

The UN Climate Change conference is currently taking place in Bali. Maybe, if we collectively cross our fingers, Harper will choose to take a stance that isn’t just conscientious about his relationship with big business. Maybe it is possible for the man who allegedly once referred to the Kyoto protocol as some sort of socialist scheme will undergo a sea change before we lose our coastal provinces. Greenpeace is calling on Harper to require mandatory emissions cuts to reduce our greenhouse gas contributions – 1990 saw Canada promising to reduce emissions by 6%, and instead, they’ve increased by 25%.

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