No Borders Camp - Campamento Contra Las Fronteras

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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No borders Camp - Campamento Contra Las Fronteras

From November 5th -11 The No Border Camp is taking place in Mexicali (MX) and Calexico (US). It will be the first ever to take place in North America and to happen simultaneously on both sides of an international border.

This event will overlap the 18th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin wall. It is also taking place at the same time as the Indigenous Border Summit of the Americas (in San Xavier on the Tohono O'odham Nation, near South Tucson, Arizona) and the Week of Action Against the Apartheid Wall in Palestine / Israel.

The No Borders Camp does not have a main organizing or controlling group. The ideas for the camp developed over a years worth of conversation and coordination. The first camp of this nature took place in Europe in the 1990's, since then other parts of Europe, Ukraine and the UK have followed suit.

Organizers describe the camp as a direct challenge to neo-liberal capitalism and the increasing militarization of borders and migration controls. The camp is envisioned as a space where people can congregate to imagine and fight for world without borders where no one is illegal. They clearly state that the No Borders Camp is not a place for conventional dialogue, lobbying or legislative strategies. Instead it is a space to generate conversations about radical alternative methods to create social change. For a full list of the ideological frame work that is the backbone of the event you can read the 'hallmarks.'

In a statement posted on indymedia, organizers state that the No Borders Camp: "offers a space to accomplish many goals, specifically to act against the border military-industrial complex, to call out the institutions that cause death and destruction in peoples' lives and livelihoods, to come together with our compas who live in Mexico and together create a space - an autonomous space - where, for a series of moments, the border does not exist."

Solidarity actions are taking place here as well. In Montreal on November 10th and 11th activists will build their own camps in front of the Laval Immigration Detention Center, which can hold upwards of 100 immigrants. It is an act of solidarity with the people who have been/are detained there, including families and children.

Wedsnesday, November 7th activists will march to a cemetery in Holtville containing the 400 unmarked graves of migrants who have died crossing the border since it's creation. The next four days will consist of occupying the camp, confrontational direct actions and all kinds of diverse events including; concerts, dance parties, rallies, presentations and forums, and art making.

Schedule of Days
Monday and Tuesday: Convergence
Wednesday: Camp begins, Forums
Thursday: Day of action against capitalism and for mutual aid and respect
Friday: Day of action against detention and for freedom of movement
Saturday: Day of action against the wall and for a world without borders
Sunday: Solidarity events and day of artistic expression

Live radio streams from the camp are available from the website www.noborderscamp.org as well as a more detailed schedule of events.

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