Ohbijou returns to Guelph on December 10th

Thursday, September 29, 2011

  • Ohbijou will take the stage at Dublin Street Church on Saturday December 10th at 8pm

    Ohbijou will take the stage at Dublin Street Church on Saturday December 10th at 8pm

Written by Stephanie Rennie

Beginning as a bedroom project in Brantford, Casey Mecija planted the roots for an unforeseeable and successful career in music. Casey recruited her sister, Jenny, and four other talented musicians to form a band that is now known and loved globally. In describing the band, Casey refers to Ohbihou as “a family of musicians”.

Ohbijou is comprised of James Bunton, Ryan Carley, Anissa Hart, Heather Kirby, Jenny Mecija and Casey Mecija, a group of individuals with both skill and passion for music. The band quickly exploded out of Toronto with the release of previous albums, including “Beacons.”

In an interview with Casey Mecija, she described the word “Ohbijou” to be “a term of affection, a sweet way of putting words together.” Anyone that has experienced the soft melodies of Ohbijou can appreciate the appropriateness of this word in describing their music.

On September 27th, they will release their latest album titled “Metal Meets.” Mecija discusses the nature of this album as quite different from their recent albums.

“There is a big difference between this and the last two albums in terms of different writing processes,” Casey comments as she describes the band’s trip to Dyer’s Bay for a week away from city life. Ohbijou found much inspiration during this trip and used the cottage as a “different environment to house news songs.”

In describing the final product, Casey states that out of “a different methodology there is a different outcome that shows we developed sound of it.”

Based on the unique environment in which the album was produced, Casey describes a tonal and thematic shift as well. When asked to describe the general theme of the album, Mecija claims that it is “darker and moodier” as a result of “exploring the world with more complexity and depth.”

Previous albums have hosted themes of “love and romantic inflictions,” but this album is much different, and much darker.

Ohbijou gained much influence from their experiences at “Friends in Bellwood.” This residency housed the talents of many shows and projects, including Timber Timbre. Casey describes this experience as “a community of music that was very influential at the time” when Ohbijou was developing its foundations as a band.

The incredible sounds of Ohbijou have now been heard across the globe as they have taken stage at many acclaimed festivals. The six members have actively engaged audiences around the world at festivals such as; Arabaki Rock Festival (Japan), End Of The Road Festival (UK), The Great Escape (UK), Electric Picnic (Ireland), Osheaga and recently the Ottawa Jazz Festival. Ohbijou has also had the opportunity to perform with many well-known musicians such as Bright Eyes and Sarah Harmer.

In light of releasing “Metal Meets,” Ohbijou is touring across Canada. When asked where their favourite place is to play, Mecija responded without hesitation that Ohibjou enjoys Guelph and Thunder Bay. Casey describes this attraction to Guelph as a result of many positive experiences playing beautiful shows in churches.

On December 10th, Ohbijou will once again be able to play at their favourite venue style in Guelph as they take the stage at Dublin Street Church. The church will be filled with the warm and intrinsic sounds of Ohbijou as the audience is treated to a night of breathtaking and original music.

The concert will take place at Dublin Street Church Saturday, December 10th. Doors open at 7:15pm and the concert will begin at 8:00pm. Tickets are available at the River Run Centre Box Office (35 Woolwich St.), Ground Floor Music (13 Quebec St.) and at the CSA Office (UC Rm 274) or call (519) 763-3000 or Toll Free (877) 520-2408.

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