Ontario's political prisoner: Albert Douglas

Sunday, January 13, 2008

  • Can Canada assign citizenship to those who don't want it?

    Can Canada assign citizenship to those who don't want it?

Written by www.thecannon.ca

A treaty was struck between the Iroquois and the first European settlers that recognized respect and sovereignty. The Two Row Wampum symbolizes two parallel vessels, one of the Europeans, one of the Aboriginal peoples, each containing their own laws and customs. The idea was that neither vessel would try to interfere or control the other.

What happens when this agreement is disrespected? This is exactly the situation playing out through the trial of Albert Douglas.

Douglas was arrested on September 27, 2007, in a routine traffic stop on the 401, under a Canada wide warrant. He was wanted for assault, attempted murder, robbery, and unlawful confinement among other charges.

These stem from a few separate incidents. In 2006 Douglas was involved in the 6 Nations land reclamation of the Douglas Creek Estates property on the Haldimand Track near Caledonia. The original name for the area that was sized is Konastaton. When the OPP raided the reclamation site on April 20th Albert was one of 16 people arrested.

Then on June 9th 2006 Douglas was accused of confronting an undercover U.S. Border Patrol car that was driving past the reclamation site while taking pictures of protestors. He was accused of forcing the driver out of the car then driving it a short distance away. A passenger supposedly jumped from the moving vehicle and was hurt.

Douglas has been receiving strong support from his community. Many, including Douglas himself, see his actions as a means to defend his land and people. During his appearances, the court is always full of supporters.

According to TEKAWENNAKE, a 6 Nations & Port Credit newspaper published November 28th, in court Douglas; ''maintains that he and the Kanienkekhake Signatory tribe he has been adopted into are Signatory Indians and therefore the laws of Canada do not apply since they are their own nations, falling under international law and tribal law.''

Douglas is a part of a nation that never surrendered or succeeded to Canada, meaning he is not now, and never was a Canadian citizen. This makes him a prisoner of war. He regards his imprisonment as an act of treason and kidnapping by the courts and the OPP.

''No one should be in the Canadian justice system for standing up for soverign Mohawk territory.'' Douglas says from the Hamilton Wentworth detention center where he is being held.

He has been incarcerated for over 105 days, and his tactic so far had been non-participation. Douglas has refused the assistance of duty council and will not appoint a lawyer. He has been representing himself with the guidance of Lester Howse, Douglas's legal adviser who was refused standing in the Cayuga court. He has been recognized by courts in Brantford previously, but has been rejected in Cayuga. Howse was involved in AIM, the American Indian Movement of the 60's and 70's and is known to be an expert in international law. Together Douglas and Howse have formed a defense which challenges the authority of the Provincial Court over signatory Indians as defined by international law. So far, the court has ignored this defense.

It has taken nearly 3 months for Douglas to receive disclosure. Now that it has been released it is very inaccessible for Douglas because it is all electronic. This poses two problems; he cannot have the computer in his cell and he is not computer literate. It could take months to sort through all the video footage before he can begin to build a case for himself.

Should Douglas continue to not participate, Ontario Court of Justice Judge Ann Watson explained, he will be tried by the Superior court. He can choose to have a trial with a judge and jury or only a judge, as well as whether or not he wants a preliminary hearing. The judge stated that if he will not choose, the court will choose for him.

His next court appearance is Wednesday January 16th @ 10AM.

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  1. Posted by: j on Jan 13, 2008 @ 9:54pm

    Does anyone believe that the Canadian government is going to go "ok guys, we're sorry about all that, feel free to establish yourselves as a sovereign country within our borders."

    Lost cause.

  2. Posted by: Sean on Jan 14, 2008 @ 10:51am

    In the 1700s my family (among many) lived on a tract of land in the Highlands of Scotland. They had lived there, farmed there, and sustained their own livelihood for generations. In the Industrial Revolution, the government forced them to move to urban areas where were coerced into industrial trades and lived in densely populated tenements before emigrating to Canada (Google Highland Clearances). Despite how their collectively shared land which was the source of their livelihood for centuries was taken from them, you don't see the descendants of Highland Scots creating civil unrest about it, we've simply learned to move on.

    My point is, barbarism accomplishes nothing for the cause of the natives of Canada. Actions that are clearly described in this article as carjacking are tolerated by no culture in Canada, and will be punished by the force of law. Despite what some folks think, we do not live in an anarchist society, and we never will. Those who violate the law of the land will be punished, end of story. How is it any more reasonable for Mr Douglas to commit a carjacking in Canada than me to do the same in Scotland, our actions would be identical, but they would be equally criminal.

  3. Posted by: Mikhail on Jan 14, 2008 @ 3:13pm

    Unfortunately, the history of Canada we learned throughout our schooling, and in popular culture, is very false. It's hard to accept that, I know, but there's enough research out there that anyone seriously interested in knowing the truth can find a plethora of info that tells a very different story.

    Because of this, I can see how a lot of people would think it's a 'lost cause' to struggle to regain sovereignty within the borders of the Canadian state. But actually, there is a lot of progess which indicates it's not a lost cause.

  4. Posted by: Mikhail on Jan 14, 2008 @ 3:14pm

    part 2

    Research Ganienkeh, in northern New York state. Or research the stands successfully taken by Kahnawake, Kahnasatake, or Akwesasne. Or check out lakotafreedom.org

    As stated above, "Those who violate the law of the land will be punished, end of story." Luckily, the law of the land is not on the same side of the Canadian state and its security forces. We're witnessing a resurgence of the law of the land, and this ship is sinking.

    About the 'carjacking'... no matter your personal opinion, under international law that land the US border car was found on is sovereign Six Nations land. I'd be pretty pissed off too if I found a government agent doing surveillance of me and my community.

  5. Posted by: Sean on Jan 14, 2008 @ 7:37pm

    So you would be pretty pissed off if you believed someone was doing surveillance on you, and that's grounds for assault. Nice, when your breakfast is cold, and you get pissed off do you use the same logic for beating your wife? Again, barbarism is not justified, and criminal acts committed in Canada are prosecuted by the Canadian justice system (including those committed on native reserves).

  6. Posted by: Mikhail on Jan 15, 2008 @ 9:54pm

    “when your breakfast is cold, and you get pissed off do you use the same logic for beating your wife?”

    absolutely not, and not just because i like cold breakfast.

    we're talking here about a continuing conflict, fraught with violence, deceit, rape, and theft, overwhelmingly coming from european immigrants to the original inhabitants of this land. to one of those on the privileged side of the conflict, it's easy to see this stuff as part of history. the rise in land reclamations and other assertions of indigenous sovereignty remind everyone that colonialism is still going on.

  7. Posted by: Mikhail on Jan 15, 2008 @ 9:54pm

    just because the original crimes of setting up fraudulent land claims and the patriarchal band council system happened anywhere from a couple centuries to a couple decades ago, doesn't mean they're any less criminal acts. they still need to be dealt with.

    looking at the big picture over time, it’s hard to see douglas’ alleged activity as more ‘barbarous’ than the canadian gov’t’s crimes.

    also remember the context of the land reclamation at six nations. the conflict douglas was allegedly involved in happened a month and a half after the opp stormed onto their site at 5am, dragging people out of their tents and beating people. they sprayed people with pepper spray, tried tasering people, and chased old women into the forest. all this to suppress a land reclamation that has legal documents to back it up.

  8. Posted by: j on Jan 16, 2008 @ 10:10am

    Mikhail: I'm just curious. If you had your way, what would be the ideal, or perfect, solution to all the aboriginal land issues?

    It's an open question, everyone feel free to answer.

  9. Posted by: c.raincloud on Feb 8, 2008 @ 9:23pm

    The Scots sold out the Irish to the English...genocide wears many masks and assimilation is another word for flight...

  10. Posted by: anna mae on Feb 26, 2008 @ 7:19pm

    hhmm...in regards to j's first comment to the onkwehonwe "feel free to establish yourself as a sovereign country within our borders"? isn't that what settlers did not too long after they arrived here?
    sean...your comment about the actions of the people being barbaric..well you have been reading too many mainstream media articles...who do the papers work for, who is their audience, and who writes these articles? and i think mikhail has made some real valid points, obviously someone who understands the real history of onkwehonwe..maybe you should visit six nations and ask someone there about the history and explain the treaty agreements between the haudenosaunee and the settler society...there is such a huge part of history that the majority of canadians do not have information about..if they did these redundant converstations would cease to perpectuate...

  11. Posted by: shauna on Mar 4, 2008 @ 1:25pm

    Sean makes a good point, that peoples everywhere, have come under forceful oppression to make room for stronger, but not necessarily better societies. It happens but that does not make it right. However, in the case of the native people of america, these people were the first in history to negoiate peacefully in the hope of coexisting with the white settlers. They were given their own country within america and promised they could live and govern as they saw fit. These treaties have been outwardly broken, and native land has been taken directly from them. Indeed violence is never the answer, but when you have only the option to stand up and fight for what your ancestors have died for and is rightfully yours by law. The charges brought against Mr. Douglas are clearly false, the government has made a career out of making the natives look like savages. Of course they are going to fight, they are human beings robbed of their ancestry, and what little is less. If everyone turned their backs, as the scots, as we do every day knowing there are people all over the world who are suffering, the rich and powerful would never be held accountable.

  12. Posted by: gRANT on Mar 16, 2008 @ 2:50pm

    Highland scots fought for their sovereignty for hundreds of years. Sean's comments are absolutely ridiculous. Would you support the current situation in Afghanistan, or Justify Iraq. Because the same oppression also happened to our ancestors is even more reason to support the Aboriginals' rights and also re-awaken our own, hopefully in time to disassemble this perverted society that has been created by those very same oppressors. Violence is always a last resort. Never something that should be sought or promoted. Resistance however is essential to the survival of this world. Unless you're one of those people who actually believes what the multibillion dollar corporate overlords tell you.

  13. Posted by: gRANT on Mar 17, 2008 @ 11:24am

    And another thing Sean. Countless numbers of individuals with Scottish ancestry have been Involved with grassroots movements, protests and opting out of the industrialists society. Many of them have engaged in more drastic demonstrations as well. Not all Scott's were completely brainwashed by the "man", and those who weren't lived in horrendous conditions in disgusting coal towns were they were basically used as slaves for the Imperial British rape of the colonies. Now that is barbarism.

    Maybe it was easy for your family because they were already british colonialists ?

    You obviously get your history from incredibly censored sources. Anyone has the right to demand answers and seek justice from people trespassing and engaging in clandestine, threatening actions in their home. It sounds to me like nothing barbaric occurred at all. If someone was injured because they chose to jump from a moving vehicle it is their fault.

    WTF was a US border Patrol doing there anyways?

  14. Posted by: Albert on Oct 3, 2008 @ 6:50am

    Signatory Indians is recognized in International Law; more to the point-- it is a significant part of International Law and just because one, especially 'low-brow rednecks' don't know or understand this legal fact doesn't change this and it supercedes all laws in Canada or the US, for they are 'statute laws' only i.e., laws of commerce only!

  15. Posted by: Albert on Oct 3, 2008 @ 6:52am

    Signatory Indians is recognized in International Law; more to the point-- it is a significant part of International Law and just because one, especially 'low-brow rednecks' don't know or understand this legal fact doesn't change this and it supercedes all laws in Canada or the US, for they are 'statute laws' only i.e., laws of commerce only!

  16. Posted by: Donna on Dec 24, 2008 @ 3:25am

    As a historian of truth we need to understand that history has been fudged. For instance, the ship that was piloted by the alleged Christopher Columbus, Catalonia mercenary, was accompanied by two ships piloted by Moor's. They had a map (look at Crate's globe, Jesuit Maps) or ask a Catholic theologian who St. Brendan is and then tell me they didn't know that others had been here before. German Anthropologists have uncovered the FACT that ancient Egyptian mummies have residual content of nicotine and cocaine in their systems. Negroid featured faces on Mayan temples (could it have been the Moor's) who were showing dear old Christopher the way to the New World? Sail south until the butter melts and then turn right. We need to unlearn everything we have been taught. How did the devil's fruit become the national food of Italy? Its all there, you just have to look

  17. Posted by: on Apr 17, 2009 @ 3:30pm

    if you look at the history of the scottish and watch the true story of "braveheart" you will see that their ancient religion was outlawed and they believed in what is colonial. meaning that men are rulers and men inherirent the lands and everything from the red core to blackness above. if they believed truly in the ancient ways that women are the inheritors and are the daughters of the great spirit which the great spirit is female. they would of effectively abolished the crown from their territories. william wallace himself fought and died a war against second laws and a created religion. there is a first law of the lands of the world that are true and very real but very well hidden by those who were constantly conquered war after war but but won rights to land and territories b/c of second laws under a false deity.

  18. Posted by: on Apr 17, 2009 @ 3:45pm

    even another plain truth and fact is that canada and the good ole usa (lol) are corporations called defacto type governments and are labeled in the stock markets as such. even when you hear of the word "crown", crown is another corporation run by people who work for people like the rothchilds, warbergs and such. which in turn gives the royal blood or blue bloods to buy and sell as they please. the president is nothing more than a president of a corporation which is a corporation of the crown. no one really knows that the queen still holds rights over american contrair to traditional belief that america is the land of the free. even know the district of columbia/columbus is a hidden city state within the borders of the good ole usa, which has its own constitution. this district is also the crown.

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