OPIRG General Meeting Ratifies 3 New Board Members

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Written by Greg Beneteau

The Guelph branch of the Ontario Public Interest Research Group (OPRIG) met today at 5:30pm in UC 441 to host a General Meeting. The meeting was called because the number of members on their board dropped to three. Quorum (the minimum number of members to operate) for the board during the academic year is five. The summer quorum is only three because less students on campus during this time. The OPIRG board has nine seats in total – seven for students and two for community members.

Quorum for the meeting to convene was nine, which was just met at about 5:50pm. Those in the room were sent out to grab other students and offer them free food in exchange for attending the meeting and voting. Once nine people were in the room, and meeting started.

There were three nominations for new members – two students and one community member. The students were Marie-Christine Allard and Woody Maguire, and the community member was MaryCarl Guiao. All were elected to the board by a consensus vote.

The OPIRG Board is the employer for the organization and is both legally and financially responsible for the organization. The OPIRG Board meeting twice a month.

The newly elected members are required to serve a minimum one year term, but two is recommended. Any member can resign.

Usually there is an annual election in the spring, but this time an interim election was called so that the board could be filled and the organization could operate again (the boad cannot make decisions unless quorum is met).

Filling all the seats on the OPIRG board and achieving quorun at General Meetings has been a problem for OPIRG for some time now. Some have leveled allegations that they do not do enough to inform their members (Guelph students) about the organization and their meeting. Marnie Eves, OPIRG’s Research Coordinator, denies the allegations and says that the problem is not that students don’t know about the organization, but that they just don’t come to General Meetings.

In Guelph, OPIRG coordinates the annual speed river clean up, has an organic garden, operates a library, provides funding to groups upon application and has several working groups. Students can start a working group by filling out the necessary paper work at the OPIRG office, or go there to learn more about the organization. The are located near the North Residences at 1 Trent Lane. Or you can visit them online at http://www.uoguelph.ca/~opirg/

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