Peter Katz to play at the Albion Hotel tonight at 8pm

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

  • Guelph will get to enjoy the wonderful music of Peter Katz this evening at the Albion

    Guelph will get to enjoy the wonderful music of Peter Katz this evening at the Albion

Written by Stephanie Rennie

In light of the recent release of his album entitled “Peter Katz and Friends LIVE at the Music Gallery,” Peter has set out on an extensive tour to share his newest songs.

This album was inspired by Katz’s recognition of his personal preferences to live versions. “Listening back, I realized that live versions are what I always wanted people to hear,” Katz stated when asked why he chose to release a live album.

The location of the recording holds special significance for Peter as the Music Gallery in Toronto is an exceptional venue. Peter Katz commented that he has played there many times and finds it to be “a really wonderful venue.” Peter places a great deal of importance on venue choice. “I try to put attention into the venues that I play. There is a magical vibe to the space itself.” This vibe is evident when listening to the beautiful sounds on this live album.

Not only is the space important to Peter, but so is the company that occupies such space. This album is unique in that it incorporates other musicians into the recording. Katz commented that he does “ninety nine percent of the shows by myself, so it was nice to have harmonies and extra parts [which helped to] kick songs up that extra notch.”

The “and Friends” portion of the album are comprised of various friends and talented musicians that have been involved in the Toronto music scene and Peter’s life over the past several years.

Peter Katz played a show at the Music Gallery in Toronto last Friday evening, appropriate to his album title and recording location. This show was particularly unique as Katz decided to invite his opening acts in a creative way. Instead of selecting familiar musicians to open for his show, Katz released a contest that allowed potential contenders the chance to send a video of their music for a chance at being selected as the opening musician.

Katz described the methodology of this process as being “open and transparent, allowing me to discover artists that I’ve never heard before.”

When asked the reason for conducting this contest, Peter explained that he understands the difficulties of constantly pitching music to other artists and the rejection and uncertainty that is involved. Katz said that many upcoming musicians spend a great deal of time not knowing “if anyone gives a crap, [but] I would rather let people know that I will see and appreciate their submission.”

After receiving more videos than anticipated, Katz had a difficult time narrowing his choices down to one. Instead, Peter Katz invited many musicians to open for him, creating “a song circle to give more people this opportunity.”

Preetam Sengupta of the Guelph Campus Co-op was one of the few selected to take the stage with Peter Katz last Friday evening. Preetam was given the rare opportunity to play a couple of songs at the Music Gallery and has since been invited to record with Peter Katz.

The songs released on the live album are very powerful with rich and strong lyrics. Peter does not hesitate to say that such lyrics are inspired by “walking around in the world and anything that punches me in the gut.” Katz narrows such experiences by suggesting that he is “drawn to human interest stories of triumph and failure in a good way. [He is] drawn to big emotion in every aspect of my life.”

His musical influences seep from many singer song writers. From the well-known talents of Bob Dylan and Ani Difranco to the fresh new music of upcoming Canadian artists, Peter Katz seeks influence from a wide array of musicians.

Accompanied by Ben Doerksen & Jeremiah Giuliano, Peter Katz will take the stage at the Albion Hotel downtown Guelph this evening. Katz comments on his love for the Albion Hotel as it is “intimate, having no distance between [the audience and myself]” Tonight’s set list will include many unheard songs and a variety of favourites from the last two records.

The show starts at 8pm on Wednesday, September 28th and costs eight dollars at the door.

Even if you can’t make it to the show tonight, Peter Katz invites you to check out his new album. Katz also has an innovative addition to the release of his new album. His Perk Campaign involves allowing fans to become closely involved with his work, while raising funds to produce the record. From having a song written for you to a guitar and writing session, this Perk Campaign is full of amazing opportunities. For more information, please check out http://www.peterkatz.com/newrecord.html.

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