Photo Tour of Guelph: PART 1!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

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  • Bridge near the Barber Scout Camp

    Bridge near the Barber Scout Camp

Written by Kim Mackrael and andrea bennett

Whether you're a new student or you're lived in Guelph for awhile, chances are you haven't seen every nook and cranny our city has to offer. Kim and andrea went on a few afternoon and evening trips around the city with the goal of sharing places they loved, and discovering some new treasures. Follow along!


Location: corner of Carden and Gordon Sts.

Tired of eating frozen lasagna? Supermarket produce got you down?

If you can rouse yourself from bed early enough on a Saturday morning, you should check out the Guelph Farmer's Market. Open from 7am to 12pm on Saturday mornings, the Guelph Farmer's Market is home to a variety of vendors hawking a variety of delicious treats. Guelph's Market has been around, though housed in several different buildings, since 1827. Part of John Galt's official plan for Guelph, the Market was to act as a community-oriented gathering place. In 2007, that goal is still evident.

Vendors sell everything from photography to mittens to organic local goat cheese and fresh-baked bread. You'll probably run into a lot of people you know. Which is nice. Or not, if you're still feeling the effects of last night's party. In this case, wear a hoodie and your friends will probably get the hint.

They also sell coffee.


Location: secret!

It may be the entrance to a Scout Camp, but you don't need don a little brown outfit and a cap just to check this area out. Right next to the camp's sign is a beautiful bridge from 1916. It may not get you where you're going in a car, but these folks and their bikes were able to take in a lovely sun-splashed afternoon there.

Don't get caught trespassing!


Location: lots of places.

Arguably the most popular images amateur photographers like ourselves are drawn to, bridges can provide for powerful metaphors. Or they can keep you from getting your feet wet.

The covered bridge is one of Guelph's lasting iconic images. Located by the Boathouse on Gordon St., it connects the Ward with one of Guelph's main arterial roads. The covered bridge is featured on many city calendars. That said, bridges in Guelph belong to the pigeons and the trolls as much as they do the people, and we've endeavoured to find a few new ones you might not be familiar with.

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  1. Posted by: j on Nov 8, 2007 @ 12:32am

    Secret location for the camp? Might it be... 733 Stone Road? :p

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