Photo Tour of Guelph: PART 2!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007


Written by Kim Mackrael and andrea bennett

Whether you're a new student or you're lived in Guelph for awhile, chances are you haven't seen every nook and cranny our city has to offer. Kim and andrea went on a few afternoon and evening trips around the city with the goal of sharing places they loved, and discovering some new treasures. Follow along!


Kim and andrea happened to visit 2 local churches while wandering around Guelph. The Church of Our Lady, modeled after Paris' Notre Dame, was consecrated in 1888 by the Bishop of Hamilton. The Church of Our Lady is another very recognizable Guelph site - but have you been inside? The doors are open during the week if you want to check out the stained glass and visit your favourite saint from the pantheon.

St. George's Anglican Church is currently celebrating the 175th anniversary of the founding of their congregation. Located on Woolwich St. close to the pedestrian bridge, we're pretty sure that St. George's is responsible for the wonderful gong noises you'll hear downtown every hour and half-hour.


Downtown Guelph is an interesting locale with an interesting history. John Galt, who founded Guelph, originally envisioned the city centre as a place to congregate socially, culturally, and politically. Galt saw Guelph's downtown as a palm, with the roads as its fingers; that explains why we're not on a grid system.

Today, the downtown core is the site of a turf war. A process of gentrification is taking place, and low-income and homeless citizens of Guelph are often the target of police harassment. For more information about the history of Guelph and its downtown core, check out this link:

Downtown is also the site of many garbaged Sun Sun's boxes... but you probably already knew that.

Check out some facts about Guelph.

Learn more about Guelph's history by renting the Guelph International Resources Centre (GIRC)'s series of videos entitled "Recollections" - they're available to rent at Thomas Video.


Home to exposed parts of the Guelph formation, as well as copious construction (both road and housing), Guelph's southeast is both around for the long haul and posed to undergo some drastic change. Kim and andrea are planning on doing a more in-depth tour of construction sites and the impact of new development in Guelph - stay tuned.

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