Photo Tour of Guelph: PART 3!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Written by Kim Mackrael and andrea bennett

Whether you're a new student or you're lived in Guelph for awhile, chances are you haven't seen every nook and cranny our city has to offer. Kim and andrea went on a few afternoon and evening trips around the city with the goal of sharing places they loved, and discovering some new treasures. Follow along!


Kim and andrea happened upon a really interesting nexus of rail lines, as well as a couple very strange vehicles. Again, they're planning on taking a closer look at Guelph's west end.


Guelph may be sprawling outwards with some of its new construction projects, but there are still a few gorgeous natural areas in the city. The Arboretum is right on campus, making it a great retreat from the hustle and bustle of school. Though St. Ignatius is a little further away, the picturesque statues and apple orchard also make it a great spot to repose. We took these photos as the leaves were falling - but they are bound to take on a new beauty in a few weeks as the snow coats the trees.

Check out Guelph's trail system to find your own quiet spots.


The Ward is the historic location of Guelph's Italian-Canadian population. Did you know that some of Guelph's Italian-Canadian citizens were interned during WWII? Guelph has a history of racism and segregation... check out more by renting the Guelph International Resources Centre (GIRC)'s series of videos entitled "Recollections" - they're available to rent at Thomas Video.

These days, the Ward (aka. Ward 1, aka. St. Patrick's Ward) houses an eclectic range of homes, rental housing, and businesses. Some of these businesses include Guelph's historic Biltmore Hat Factory, the Boxed Meat Revolution, and the Greek Garden.

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