Physical Assault Last Night in South Residence

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Written by Greg Beneteau

Early this morning (Sept 23) three female University of Guelph students were assaulted in the South Residence. CTV’s CKCO News reported that one of the victims was punched in the face, and another had bruises. Overall the injuries are considered to be minor, and the attacks were not reported to be sexual in nature.

Police have laid charges relating to the incident on a 19-year old male who was visiting the campus.

It was reported that there will be an internal investigation at the university. The university said it will look into who brought the person to the university, or let them in, and that there might be consequence for this person.

Some students say it was only a matter of time before something ike this happened, because people frequently open the door for strangers in residence halls.

The university is advising students not to prop open doors, and not to let anyone into the building unless they are clearly allowed to be there. Having an entrance pass or sign-in policy for guests are some of the potential measures being considered.

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