Political Forum Introduces Students to Platforms

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

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  • Students actively discuss political goals

    Students actively discuss political goals

Written by Janet Errygers

On Thursday, September 15th, the Bullring hosted a political candidate meet and greet and student forum. In attendance were the Green Party, represented by Zach Dadson; the New Democratic Party, represented by Matthew Hickling; the Guelph Young Liberals, represented by Nathan Stewart, Guillaume Blais and Bridget Howe; the Guelph Young Communist League, represented by Drew Garvie; and the Guelph Campus Conservatives, represented by Amanda Brodhagen, Billy Morrison and Matthew Rae.

Demetria Jackson of the CSA posed four questions for discussion and the student representatives were allowed four minutes to answer each.

What is your political party proposing to make education accessible to all students who wish to attend a post-secondary institution? Why is this the best option?

Green Party:Participation in all post secondary education, not only university, is a large part of the Green Party's platform. They aim to stabilize tuition rates between 2012-2015 and give students the opportunity to participate in internships before entering university.

New Democratic Party:
Tuition rates in Ontario have risen by 30% in the past five years. The NDP aims to freeze these rates, forgive tuition for doctors who set up practice in under serviced areas, and provide specialized education at an early age for children with disabilities.

Young Communist League:
The Communist Party plans to eliminate tuition fees so that education is no longer dependent on wealth.

Liberal Party: The Liberals propose that they will provide a $1600 per year bursary to those with an income less than $160,000. By 2013, this will benefit 86% of students.

Conservative Party:
The Conservative Party plans to allow students greater access to OSAP, as well as providing relief to middle class families.

The University of Guelph is known for its commitment to creating a sustainable future for future generations. What is your party proposing to make Ontario a sustainable province, and a global leader in environmental practices?

Young Communist League: Restructuring and reorganizing the current aims toward sustainability is a goal of the Communist Party. They also aim to make public transit more accessible and affordable.

Liberal Party:
Goals for the Liberal Party include 50,000 new jobs in 2012 that revolve around the Green Energy Act. As well, they plan to shut off all coal power plants in Ontario by 2014.

Conservative Party
: Protecting lakes and rivers, taking action on climate change, and putting $35 billion toward innovative infrastructure are in the Conservative Party's plans.

Green Party:The Green Party will invest 1.6 billion dollars over the next four years in order to restructure homes and businesses to be more energy efficient.

New Democratic Party:
The NDP aims to provide grants and loans for energy efficient installations, as well as promoting local food in the community.

What is your party’s stance on HST and how does it affect students?

Conservative Party: Removing the HST from household bills is a goal of the Conservatives.

Green Party:
The Green Party proposes lowering income tax as a way to help small businesses flourish.

New Democratic Party
: Each year, the NDP plans to lower the HST on food items by 1% and place less emphasis on transfer taxes.

Young Communist League:
The Communist Party would like to abolish the HST, and implement the progressive taxation of large corporations.

Liberal Party:
The Liberals believe that the HST has been successful because of the creations of 600,000 jobs.

How will your party ensure that there are plenty of jobs for students once we graduate from our respective post-secondary institutions?

New Democratic Party: A job creation tax credit of $4,000 per year will promote small and local businesses to offer new positions. The NDP also proposes raising minimum wage to $11.00/hr.

Young Communist League
: The Communist Party promotes “fair, not free” trade and raising minimum wage to $19.00/hr.

Liberal Party
: The Liberals would like to build three new undergraduate campuses across Ontario and lower small business taxes by 4%.

Conservative Party
: Reducing the income tax rate from 11% to 10% by 2013 will create the best conditions for economic growth according to the Conservatives.

Green Party:
The Green Party supports lowering income taxes and supporting and researching green power.

The provincial election will be held on October 6, 2011. More updates and information will be posted leading up to that date.

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