PREPARE TO EAT A FLURRY...of unseasonably warm weather?

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

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Many in Guelph most likely noticed the spike of the mercury over the past week. In the past week temperatures in Guelph hit 27, 29 even 30° in this seemingly receding October heat wave. Numerous other places were stricken just as hard as Guelph. On October 8th, New York City hit 31°C as did Chicago for 3 straight days. Tragically, October 7th was the date of the Chicago Marathon. As a result of the heat, over 300 participants were treated on site and at local hospitals. Also, organizers actually stopped the marathon several hours after the start for fear of further heat related maladies. It was initially believed that Officer Chad Schieber of Midland Michigan died because of the heat. However, it was later revealed through an autopsy that Officer Schieber died of a previously unknown heart condition.

This heat wave comes after a more than a year of what is unquestionably chaotic weather conditions. Starting with Hurricane Katrina, there have been numerous weather related calamities. Picking up in 2007, by early January 80 had died in Northern India and another 56 had died in Bangladesh while the death toll in Nepal topped out at 33. Fast forwarding to this summer, Ontario saw a combined percipitation deficit for the months of May, June, July and August of 217mm below average. While Ontario experienced drought, Europe experienced both sides of the extreme weather coin with both floods and wildfire.

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  1. Posted by: Thomas on Oct 24, 2007 @ 12:28am

    Not to mention arctic ice receding to nearly half of its 1980s extent and the northwest passage being completely ice free for the first time in human history.

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