President Summerlee on International Student Fees

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

  • President Summerlee

    President Summerlee

Written by Alastair Summerlee

Further to my letter in response to the CSA proposal for the 2005-2006 budget, I also write to address concerns about increases to international student fees.

In the proposal to be presented to the Board of Governors for the University's 2005-2006 MTCU operating budget, a multi-pronged approach is being recommended to address the $11 million shortfall. This approach incorporates a combination of revenue generation, cost savings, and deferral of planned projects and investments. None of the recommended measures included in the approach will be easily achieved but each is necessary to secure the financial stability of the

One of the measures is a proposed increase of 5% in tuition fees for international students. International student tuition fees did not increase with inflation last year, so the proposed increase represents an adjustment necessary to cover increased costs. Unlike domestic students, the University receives no government funding or other revenue to provide learning spaces for international students. Although tuition fees for domestic students are frozen, the University received a compensating grant from the province in recognition of the change in government fee policy. Such is not the case for international students.

The University recognizes the proposed fee increase may cause difficulty for international students already in program. As a result, of the new revenue generated from the tuition increase, $50,000 will be placed in the base budget for international student aid. I have asked the Associate Vice President (Student Affairs) to work with the International Student Organization to determine how best to allocate this additional assistance money. Even if the proposed increase in fees is accepted, the University of Guelph's undergraduate international tuition rate will likely be the second lowest in the province, and our graduate international fees will remain the lowest in the province and,
in fact, the lowest in Canada.

Yours sincerely,

Alastair J.S. Summerlee
President and Vice-Chancellor

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