Real Sex, College Edition

Monday, April 10, 2006

Written by Full story from Inside Higher Education

A story in the US publication, Inside Higher Education says that "the oral sex-loving fictional characters of the WB’s “The Bedford Diaries,” a sexually charged series about students attending a fictional New York City college, have got nothing on Steven York, a real-life recent graduate of the University of California at San Diego. With a little help from a porn actress, he’s set off lasting campus debates after literally letting it all hang out on a student TV program.
Last fall, York, who’s now in the process of applying to law school, decided to take on what he says is an uptight administration, not in tune with students. He had long enjoyed poking fun at the follies of administrators and faculty members through his student-produced “Koala TV” show, but in October, he stepped things up a notch, hiring an adult film actress and producing a video of them performing mutual masturbation and oral sex, as well as having intercourse.
The video aired twice on the university’s student-run television station before administrators cut the broadcast feed, which is operated through the Triton Cable network. The station could be viewed through closed-service television by nearly 8,000 students living on campus, most of whom are freshmen and sophomores.
“This incident, where we had a student air a hard-core pornographic video, illuminated to the campus that we had a resource that we should be able to decide how to manage and administer,” says Gary R. Ratcliff, acting assistant vice chancellor of student life at the university. “Steve York wouldn’t have been on our radar if he didn’t try to push the limits.”
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