Referenda Results

Monday, March 29, 2004


Written by CSA CEO

After days of laborious counting, here are the results to the winter elections' referenda.


There has been discussion about creating a food-bank on-campus to provide emergency assistance to students and university members. The intent of the emergency food-bank is to provide short term support for students and university members who are facing a shortage of food. Furthermore, the food-bank will also provide advocacy for students.

Do you support a refundable fee of $1.15 per semester to support the establishment of an emergency food-bank that would be located in the University Centre?

Yes 1995
No 954
Decline 245
Spoiled 35


Do you support the University being pressured to run a deficit budget so that it may lower the cost of tuition without affecting services?

Yes 1894
No 733
Decline 503
Spoiled 82


The C.J. Munford Centre is a resource centre for minority students on campus, which also serves as a focal point for anti-racism and race relations resources and a drop-in centre for all students. It was created in 1995 in dedication to retired history professor Clarence J. Munford. In addition the centre also does public programming throughout the year including workshops, guest speakers and educational campaigns.

Do you support a semesterly fee of $0.25 going to the C.J. Munford Centre to ensure the operation of the C.J. Munford Centre?

Yes 2011
No 716
Decline 413
Spoiled 71


The Guelph Free Press is a not-for-profit group of students and community members who are committed to publishing works by local and student writers and artists who might not otherwise have the opportunity.

Do you support the collection of a one-time fee of $0.37 to support the work of the Guelph Free Press?

Yes 1670
No 1012
Decline 496
Spoiled 41


The Divergent Path program is open to all students of the University. It provides spiritual counseling, workshops, advocacy, discussion groups, and professional life coaching.

Do you support a $0.50 fee per semester to increase program offerings and enhance student access?

Yes 1226
No 1408
Decline 555
Spoiled 31


The ISO is officially recognized by the University and Office of Student Affairs as a student run, non-profit, independent, advocacy organization comprised of international students, as well as Canadian students interested in internationalism. Currently operating under the Centre for International Programs. The ISO provides support and advocacy to international students, as well as organized cross-cultural events for the university campus at large.

The ISO realizes that there are currently no specific scholarships for in course international students, and is thus in the process of forming an endowment fund for such a purpose.

Would you support the contribution of $0.50 per full time undergraduate student per semester (indexed to cost of living) by the ISO? 90% would be directed towards the establishment of the endowment fund, and 10% would be used to fund the ISO.

Yes 1603
No 981
Decline 580
Spoiled 47

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