Reflections on AGM, Budget Dominate CSA Board of Directors Meeting

Friday, November 3, 2006

Written by Gonzalo Moreno

On Wednesday, the Board of Directors (BoD) of the Central Student Association CSA) met for the fourth time in the fall semester. As with the previous meetings, the hottest topic was the budgetary limitations of the CSA, although discussion also shifted on several occasions to the Annual General Meeting fiasco of last week, where quorum was not reached.

The line from which the CSA may grant money to student activities when requested (after a Petition, Delegation & Request, or PDR) has now been exhausted for the fall. However, there is some money left in the lines for solidarity and cultural events. The BoD agreed on previous weeks that money could be transferred between the lines on a case-by-case basis, although the discussion invariably heats up when said cases are discussed individually.

When discussing the upcoming Environmental Science Symposium (ESS), College of Arts Student Union representative Christi Garneau-Scott said that it would be “totally inappropriate to take money [for the ESS] out of cultural,” while other college representatives felt that when the Board agreed to shuffle money between lines it was implied that it would mainly involve the cultural line, since that is where most of the money left is.

In the end, Communications Commissioner Jonathan Odumeru agreed that "applicants [should] be notified that the Fall ‘06 line is exhausted," but the board would continue to entertain PDRs and possibly grant money from other lines, including the Winter ‘07 grant line, although the budgetary situation would obviously be constraining.

Talk then turned to the failure to meet quorum in the AGM last week. OAC representative Rob Larmer said that “lack of attendance [was] due to the time of the semester,” and admitted that maybe the Board members “didn’t do a good enough job of taking [the AGM] to our colleges.". Odumeru defended the timing and promotion of the event, which was heavily criticized in last week’s Ontarion, saying that the CSA “ran its standard promotions suite,” and that the AGM was scheduled six months in advance, so it was not the AGM that coincided with several media events, but it was those events that were programmed at the same time as the AGM at a later date.

In other business, the election results were ratified after the legal period required to do so. Evan Dalzell and Billy Maloney (College of Arts At-Large), Jakki Doyle and Patrick Mountney (OAC At-Large), Maggie Brown-Bury (OVC At-Large) and David Quinlan (for the newly opened College of Management and Economics) were all ratified to their board seats.

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