Rep. Ron Paul endorses Nader & McKinney; dismisses McCain & Obama

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Written by Scott Gilbert

US Presidential Election Update:

In a surprise move, Rep. Ron Paul has decided to completely reject both Barack Obama and John McCain as presidential candidates, despite being an official member of the Republican Party and initially running for president as a Republican in the 2008 primaries.

The rather maverick character has decided not to endorse just a single candidate, but several – just about anyone NOT in the mainstream.

"The strongest message can be sent by rejecting the two-party system, which in reality is a one-party system with no possible chance for the changes to occur which are necessary to solve our economic and foreign policy problems. This can be accomplished by voting for one of the non-establishment principled candidates...”

Of the candidates whose names he is openly speaking about, probably the most well-known is Ralph Nader, father of the public safety movement. Nader is the founder of Public Citizen, a Washington-based public advocacy group that is very well respected. His call to fame was dominated by his years of work on vehicle safety – even such common place items like the seatbelt and airbag can largely be credited to him. More recently however, Nader has taken a flurry of criticism for running in the last 2 presidential elections – under the Green Party banner in 2000, and then as an independent in 2004. Many accuse him of being responsible for the initial election, and then re-election of George W. Bush because the (albeit small) number of votes he received both times was more than the amount Bush won by.

Nader rejects these criticisms and believes it is important to have a variety of candidates. Not only does he feel the Democrats should have “landslided” Bush both times, but the total number of votes by other fringe candidates combined dwarfs his own taking.

Probably the next best-known candidate Ron Paul is endorsing is former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney from Georgia. She is currently running for president under the Green Party banner. Certainly less of a public figure than Nader, and for a shorter period of time, she has still rattled the cage on numerous occasions. One notable example was when she challenged former Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld in front of Congress about several deeply disturbing issues at the Pentagon, including doing business with companies involved in the human trafficking of young girls, and the many trillions – yes, TRILLIONS – of dollars the Pentagon supposedly misplaced (please see this unique video clip below).

McKinney was formerly a Democrat, but has moved over to the Greens at least for this election period.

In light of the recent flurry of news coverage here in Canada about proportional representation, fringe candidates, and major parties trying to silence smaller ones, thecannon.ca has decided to present the below videos to provide a glimpse into the views and position of non-mainstream candidates in the US. Enjoy!

What do YOU think? Are Nader, McKinney and Paul all quacks, or do they speak the truth that Obama and McCain willfully neglect? Maybe a bit of both? Should Nader or McKinney be allowed to participate in the nationally televised debates? Please watch the clips, and rant below (note: you must use a valid @uoguelph.ca email address to post).

See Cynthia McKinney confront Rumsfeld here:

See Cynthia McKinney confront Rumsfeld here:

See Ralph Nader on Obama and Clinton here:

See Ralph Nader on McCain/Palin and Obama/Biden here:

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