S.A.G.S.R.I. launch outta this world

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Citizens of Guelph watched, mouths agape, as the 'McCleave 1' suitcase gallery spacecraft blasted into orbit. St. George’s Square was abuzz with talk of S.A.G.S.R.I., or the “Suitcase Art Gallery Space Research Institute.”

The McCleave Gallery and Ed Video combined forces to bring the space race to Guelph, Ontario. Before the launch, speakers underlined the “the importance of the Space Mission to art, sovereignty, and Canadian Identity.”

Following the launch, humans and companions were invited to the e-bar to hear the S.A.G.S.R.I. anthem, performed by ess kalien , who hails from beyond our seventh galaxy. (Contrary to popular belief, this performance was not put on by Karl Skene in a clear green helmet that he made himself.)

ess kalien plays the S.A.G.S.R.I. anthem

Following the anthem, Amos Latteier a featured S.A.G.S.R.I. artist, gave a lecture about Ant and Human Societies. “Ants are dumb and weak,” began Amos, “but there are some really great and inspiring things about ants that we can learn from.”

Latteier went on to discuss several different aspects of ant life, including the ever-popular food-gathering tactic “aphid ranching,” as well as colony organization, and freedom and individuality in ants. Latteier stressed that ants have no profit motive, the defining point of individuality in a capitalistic culture, but that ants are able to successfully navigate their individual personalities in their colony culture.

We can only hope that the 'McCleave 1' navigates our galaxy as successfully.

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  1. Posted by: j on Oct 30, 2007 @ 10:52pm

    I'm confused. What is this exactly?

  2. Posted by: on Oct 31, 2007 @ 8:46am

    It was an art performance. The Suitcase Art Galley Space Institute (S.A.G.S.R.I) is a travelling art gallery - they'd previously limited their travels to planet earth, but thought it was time to branch out.

    First photo credit (I tried to make a caption but the website and I are in a heated dispute right now) is Scott McGovern, and the photo is the S.A.G.S.R.I. Pictured in the second photo is ess kalien.

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