Second year student wins half of her tuition in annual draw

Saturday, December 10, 2011

  • Photo Credit: Denise Martins

    Photo Credit: Denise Martins

Written by Stephanie Rennie

While most students can only fantasize of winning half of their tuition, this dream became a reality for second year student Nicole van der Boom. During the usual rush to the bookstore in the first weeks of September, Nicole took a moment to enter the Co-op Bookstore’s annual “Give a Member a Break Draw" and ended up winning a large sum towards her tuition. On Tuesday November 22nd, Nicole van der Boom was presented a cheque for $1355.00 by Guelph Campus Co-op board members Uliana Systerova, Emily Padhi, and Chad Chabot.

In an interview with thecannon.ca, Nicole mentioned that this was the first year that she had entered the draw and that she heard about it when she was purchasing a new stack of textbooks. When asked what impact this lucky win will have on her semester, Nicole stated without hesitation that it will “relieve some stress.” Although she had a summer job and is enrolled in a co-op program, Nicole discussed the financial difficulties that students face.

As a second year Food Science student, Nicole spoke of the stress of arriving back at school in September with tuition, housing and textbooks as major expenses. In order to deal with the rising tuition fees, Nicole claimed that she is “really cheap throughout the year.” Like many students, van der Boom has to accommodate for the many challenging expenses students deal with each semester. Nicole mentioned that her mother always says that “everything will work out in the end” and after luckily winning this draw, she was right.

This annual draw requires students to simply purchase a Guelph Campus Co-op membership for ten dollars and to enter online for a chance to win some much needed relief from tuition fees. The “Give a Member a Break Draw” is one of the many benefits of purchasing a Co-op membership. Along with giving members a chance to win half of their tuition for a semester, this membership gives students an extra five percent discount on all textbooks throughout the year. Furthermore, this card is a passport to having a say in the operations of the Co-op Bookstore and other facets of the Guelph Campus Co-operative. The G.C.C. hosts an annual general meeting each September and encourages members to actively participate in ongoing discussions on the Co-op Bookstore and Co-op Housing.

Other lucky students this semester were iPod winners Alexandra Glueker and Megan Hicks, DVD player winner Rebecca Hebert, and Jessica Laird and James Miele who both won Co-op Bookstore gift certificates.

Apart from saving her a large chunk of her tuition in the “Give a Member a Break Draw,” Nicole discussed her interest in other initiatives run by the Co-op Bookstore, such as the “Save a Bag” program. Nicole van der Boom said that she shops at the Co-op Bookstore each semester because it is “really nice and cheap.” As a lucky winner of this year’s draw, this semester's trip to the Co-op Bookstore was even cheaper.

University of Guelph students will have another chance to shave typical expenses during the Co-op Bookstore’s “Winter Win” contest in January.

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