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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Duck, duck, GOOSE!

The Beaver County Times reported on May 11th a most unusual reason for a power outage and oil spill. On Wednesday May 9th a goose flew into a set of power lines at a coke fuel plant. The resulting power outage cause two separate spills of oil that is a by-product of the coal tar processed at the plant. The story said that the first spill released between 25 and 40 gallons of oil and the second released a yet undetermined amount. For the full story check here

This was a bad idea from the start...

The Murfreesboro Daily News Journal reported on May 15th that two Scales Elementary school employees have been suspended without pay. The article notes that Assistant Principle Don Bartch and teacher Quentin Mastin have been suspended for the remainder of the school year, about two weeks. Why? It seems they have been suspended because that little voice that tells people that something is a bad idea was turned off in the heads of these two. During a week long field trip to a state park teachers told the grade six students that a gunman was loose in the park. While the children were told to hide under tables in the dark, a teacher in a hooded t-shirt shook on a locked door. Whether it was a drill or a spooky story gone wrong, it was just too close (time and situation wise) to the tragic shooting at Virginia Tech For the full story click here

Oh, the hazards of fish farming!

The Greenfield Recorder reported on May 12th of a farm accident in Turner Falls, Massachusetts. Four men fell into a tank that was used to filter fish manure. According to the article, the men fell about 30 feet into the tank that had a plastic filter, sand, manure and bacteria that is used to break down the waste. The men were cleaning the tank when the scaffolding collapsed beneath them. Three of the men were treated for minor injuries while the fourth was flown to an undisclosed hospital by helicopter. The rescue took about 45 minutes as firefighters cut through the tank side and then the plastic filter to reach the men that were breathing with the aid of a make shift air system fashioned by fellow workers. For all the details on the story, click here.

Astronomers confirm: Hell NOT on earth.

A report from the news section of Softpedia.com talks about Astronomers' discovery that Hell is a planet, the closest transiting (visibly rotating around a sun) planet outside our solar system to earth. The planet is about 60 light years away or 60 times the distance light travels through space in one year. The report noted temperatures of 2040 degrees celcius, the planet is blacker than charcoal and may at time glow like an ember. What is shocking about the planet is that it's even hotter than scientists calculated, it's believed that the atmosphere contains a titanium oxide that is trapping in more heat, but at such temperatures the titanium should fall to the surface like rain. Check out the article here and if you can explain what's going on... talk to NASA.

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