Seriously? Bizarre News Stories from Around the World

Monday, May 7, 2007


On May 2nd, the Chicago Tribune reported that a man was being investigated after it was reported that he was seen boiling a human skull. The incident began when an artist entered the apartment to inquire about mannequins that had been advertised. A little explaining by the tenant, a discussion with an anthropologist friend and the police became involved. To read the full story follow this link to the Chicago Tribune site.

Spy Hard Canadian Style

The New York Times Reported on Monday May 7th that an answer the US Department of Defense's assertion that Canadian coins were used to spy on American defense contractors traveling in Canada. Defense contractors traveling in Canada came into contact with the 2004 poppy remembrance quarters. The contractors were so suspicious that the quarters were examined and their existence reported to the Department of Defense as radio transmitter listening devices. It has now been revealed that they were merely quarters. Click here to view the full article.

Rope Would Have Worked Just Fine

The New Zealand Herald reported on May 4th the harrowing experience of a South African man. The man was car jacked by a gang dressed in suits and forced to drive back to his house. The gang then superglued the man to an exercise bike to keep him occupied while they robbed the man's house. The man was discovered several hours later by his partner. Click here to read the full article.

A Little Cheese

You know those strange internet phenomena that seem to make little sense? Here's another. Reuters reported on April 26th, the emergence of a new internet star: a large English cheddar cheese wheel. That's right... a giant hunk of cheddar cheese is attracting visitors from all over the internet. In fact, the webcam pointed at the maturing cheese has culled over a million visitors. Check out the cheese as the it matures here and you can read the Reuters report here.

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