“Student Art in the Bullring” Winners Announced

Thursday, November 10, 2011

  • Five students were awarded honorariums for their winning art pieces

    Five students were awarded honorariums for their winning art pieces

Written by Central Student Association

The “Student Art in the Bullring Show” took place on October 21st, organized by the Central Students Association and the Fine Arts Network.  This year saw seventeen student artists submitting their work.  Event attendees and Bullring customers took in the art and were impressed with the talents of Guelph students.

CSA Academic and University Affairs Commissioner Jessica Carter and the co-curators of the Fine Arts Network made the event a huge success.  The show was judged by a five judge panel made up of three representatives from the Fine Arts Network and two representatives from the CSA’s board of directors. 

Out of the seventeen pieces submitted five were chosen as the winners by the judges, and the artists were awarded a $100 honorarium.  The pieces will hang in the Bullring until the end of the semester.  So, go check them out if you haven’t already. 

The winners and the pieces were as follows:

1)     Melina Founds with “Hey”

2)     Sarah Cordeaux with “Wee Man”

3)     Vanessa Tignanelli with “Self-Portrait”

4)     Monika Hauck with “Kinder Surprise”

5)     Lisa Harris with “Coral Reef 2”


The CSA would like to thank the artists, the attendees and the fine people at the Fine Arts Network for making this happen!

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