Students Continue Lobbying For a Bottled Water Free Campus

Sunday, February 10, 2013

  • Would you buy air?

    Would you buy air?

  • Student's signed pledges to show their support.

    Student's signed pledges to show their support.

Written by Peter Miller

The Central Student Association held “Let’s Talk about Water” events on February 7th between 9 am and 3 pm in the University Centre Courtyard. The events were part of the CSA’s Aqua Campaign which has the goal to mobilize students for a bottled water free campus. The day’s events included speakers, videos, multiple displays, and art projects.

One art project was the task of volunteers making a sculpture out of plastic water bottles in the shape of a wave. Another project was the painting of a mural that stated “Tap Water: Delicious.” On display was an Aqua Campaign information board, and cards that students have signed and could sign to show their support for the campaign. One display had bags of air that were said to be for sale, showing students that privatizing water is as ridiculous as privatizing air.

Students were drawn to the creative displays, creative artwork, and enthusiastic Aqua Campaign members in the UC.

At one point, Justin Trudeau, the Federal Liberal Party Leadership Candidate who had a tour stop at the Brass Taps came down and Aqua Campaign Volunteers got him to sign a pledge saying he supports a bottled water free campus.

The Aqua Campaign’s goal is to make Guelph campus one of 17 universities in Canada that have pledged to go, or have gone, bottled water free.

Students overwhelmingly support the action of this campus becoming bottled water free. 78 percent of students voted in favour of the discontinuation of sales for a referendum last year.

The CSA released a press release about the action saying “Students are hoping that the events will help to grow support on campus and in the community to challenge the privatization of water and the manufactured demand for bottled water.”

“This December, students were disappointed to hear that the administration at the University of Guelph provided a plan to promote tap water on campus that did not include the demand of the referendum - to end the sale of bottled water on campus. It's time for the University of Guelph to take a stance in favor of sustainability and to protect water as a human right.”


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