Students Move to Impeach Entire Student Union Board

Saturday, December 9, 2006

Written by Scott Gilbert

Today we are trying something new here at thecannon.ca

Here is an interesting video clip about a situation involving the Canadian Federation of Students (CFS) that all Guelph students pay fees to, and Douglas Student Union, which is a member local of CFS. We are posting the below video for you to watch, and (respectfully) rant about. Enjoy!


/Editor's Note: The ability to post on this article has been disabled because of spam. We're really sorry about that folks. Here's what CSA Communications commissioner Jonathan Odumeru said about this report:

"First and foremost the primary actors involved in this are Douglas College student union and CFS-British Colombia, which is a separately incorporated entity which CFS has no control over, neither of which U of G students pay no money into. Secondly the only involvement with CFS is that they had to front the money for the Douglas College Health and Dental Plan because this threatened the plans of all member institutions, i.e. the Health plans of over 150000 Canadian students. Finally this is a clear example of slanted journalism as it successfully blurs the root of the problem which is a hostile college administration who vendictively witheld the fees that this student union needs to operate with, causing them to default on their insurance payments. Remember, Global is equivalent to the Sun or the Enquirer out west."

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