Students to Publish Stories of Sexual Assault

Friday, March 16, 2007


Written by May Warren

A small group of dedicated University of Guelph volunteers has spearheaded a new project which seeks to publish anonymous stories of sexual assault survivors. The project, named Saturday Night: Untold Stories of Sexual Assault at Guelph, is currently looking for submissions from students and U of G community members. Their hope is to eventually publish an anthology which can be distributed to every first year student.

This week they teamed up with SAFE (Sexual Assault Free Environment) week activities to get their message out. Krisy Moore, one of the volunteers involved in the planning of the project, says she has been getting great responses from both students and teachers while doing classroom speaking and asking students to sign her SAFE week t-shirt.

“The feedback has been wonderful. Classroom discussions have become a forum for students and professors to ask questions about violence against women. I have had professors and students express interest in supporting the project in various ways that fit their abilities and skills," she reports. Moore adds that, because the majority of sexual assault cases are committed by fellow students who survivors frequently know, the answer is not increased security but increased communication.

“Preventing this type of assault would not mean locks on bathrooms. Rather, it would require a person-to-person reckoning of personal ethics and responsibility,” she explains. Moore reports that she feels the Saturday Night at Guelph project would be an opportunity to do just this.

“By helping people to understand what sexual violence is and how it impacts the person subjected to it, we are hoping that the publication will help bridge the gap between what people define as sexual assault and their actions,” she says. Moore also acknowledges the healing potential the publication will have for survivors of sexual assault adding, “it will provide an outlet and a community of people who have been through similar experiences, diminishing feelings of isolation and shame.”

Ultimately, Moore says she would like to see the project help in the process of creating a campus culture where sexual violence is not tolerated. She urges students to make anonymous submissions by emailing them to or dropping them the Saturday Night envelope hanging outside the Guelph Resource Centre for Gender Empowerment and(formerly the Women’s Resource Centre) in the UC.

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