Students Urge City to Give its Workers a Fair Deal

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

CUPE Locals 241, 973, and 1946, representing the city of Guelph's outside, inside and library workers will likely be on strike as of 12:01 am, Wednesday, February 15th 2006. Negotiations with the City of Guelph, mainly over job security, ended early yesterday morning.

Numerous city services will be impacted by a strike, including traffic services, garbage collection, community parks and pools, and libraries. However, fire, police and transit services will not be involved.

"It is important the striking locals know that students in this city are concerned about these issues and care about city workers. Students live in this city, these issues are important to them and obviously a strike will affect them," says Scott Gilbert, the External Affairs Commissioner at the University of Guelph's Central Student Association (CSA). "Students greatly respect and appreciate the work that city workers do for them and we are concerned that they are not being treated fairly.”

"The more support we can lend to locals 241, 973 and 1946 during a strike, the stronger the message that will be sent to the City," says Hannah Draper, Communications Commissioner at the CSA. "Hopefully, increased pressure will translate into a fair deal quickly being offered to these workers so that they no longer have to work under unfair and insecure conditions and the faster city services will return to regular operations for everyone."

It is important to note that this strike is unrelated to the potential province-wide illegal strike proposed by Sid Ryan concerning OMERS Bill 206 which pertains to municipal employees' pension plans.

The Central Student Association represents more than 16 000 undergraduate students at the University of Guelph.


Hannah Draper
Communications Commissioner
Central Student Association
University of Guelph
519.824.4120 ext. 56376


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