The Brew Rant 1 - Federal, Provincial, and Municipal Politics

Friday, November 2, 2012


Written by Tyler Valiquette

Dominica Mcpherson and Matthew Pecore rant about the politics affecting University of Guelph students.

Federal: Omnibus Budeget Bill C-38, Provincial: MTCU, Municipal: OMB Hearing.

The Brew –Closed Caption

Dominica In elevator

This summer some changes came down the oil pipeline that is our federal government in the form of a Omnibus Budget bill, what did a bill like this include? It included changes to Canada fisheries act, the replacement of the environmental assessment act, and the removal of the energy boards power to say no to pipeline developments not in the public interest. Didn’t hear about these changes? Maybe that’s because they were hidden in a 400 plus page Omnibus bill passed in June.  What’s wrong with a bill like this? Lets go back to 1994 when opposition MP Stephen Harper had some choice words about a much smaller Omnibus Bill.

Dominica as Stephen Harper

“In the interest of democracy I ask: How can members represent their constituents on these various areas when they are forced to vote in a block on such legislation an on such concerns? We can agree with some of the measures but oppose others. How do we express our views and the views of our constituents when the matters are so diverse? Dividing the bill into several components would allow members to represent views of their constituents on each of the different components in the bill.”

Dominica in Stairwell

If Stephen Harper were here right now he would be very disappointed with us. Oh, wait, he is, front and center and he wants to do it again. Another Omnibus bill is expected for this fall. What will be in it this time?

Dominica in Hallway

As you may know post secondary education largely falls under the responsibility of the provincial government, in Ontario this responsibility is on the shoulders on the ministry of training Colleges and Universities under the guidance of minister Glen Murray, what has the MTCU been up to in the last year?

Matthew In Hallway

 Well in the winter they were drafting a report “revolutionizing Ontario’s Post secondary education system for the 21st century.” How do we know this? Because the report was leaked in February. It is now more colloquially known as the three cubed report, because of the strategy it purposes.

Dominica and Matthew at the board table


One – Three year degrees. Umm, don’t we already have those in the form of a general? And doesn’t that take away from another year of great educational and personal development?


Two- Three semesters per year and all year round learning, excuse me Mr. Murray, but when am I suppose to work to pay for my education? I need my summers!


Three- three out of five classes online. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like the Internet as much as the next person, but that doesn’t mean I want it to take away from being in the classroom or the great campus environment.

Dominica in front of black wall with colorful writing

So since the three cubed report was leaked in February the government followed up with a much more vague a discussion paper called “Strengthening Ontario’s Centers of creativity innovation and knowledge” and held a series of consultations, but catch this, the really great things about these consultations is that they refused to discuss tuition fees.

Matthew in greenhouse setting

So the reason why you actually want to give a shit about municipal politics for once is because of the Ontario Municipal Board. Right now some developers want to put up some student geared apartments over where the Best Western is and the City the University and the neighborhood around there, are like, Whoa! Ok, “we’re not opposed to student housing going in there, but you want to stick like 1100 people in there and that’s a bit much.” So, the developers went to the Ontario municipal board and now they are all going to duke it out in not -quite – court to see what we actually get. Likely there will be some kind of development, so what remains to be seen is the size.  The developers want two buildings about 10/12 stories; the city is being like “what about 3 buildings, about 5, 6, 7.” Hmmm, so we will see what we get. Now, there are two main reasons students should care about this. One – The apartments are gonna be hella nice for the people that get to live there but, that’s only like 1100 people out of about 20,000 undergrads. What about the other 18,000ish of us? Finally, it is basically the housing equivalent of giving your money to a corporation as opposed to a local business. So if you wouldn’t want corporations in the classroom… oh, wait… well if you wouldn’t want corporations sponsoring your major extracurricular events…oh, wait… cant we at least keep the corporation out of our housing market for a little bit longer?

The End

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