The CCS needs your help!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

  • The CCS needs your input to improve Gryph Mail!

    The CCS needs your input to improve Gryph Mail!

Written by Abbey Thompson

CCS wants your suggestions for the Gryph Mail calendaring system.

Do you have your own ideas that you would like to reveal to CCS for the improvement of the Gryph Mail calendaring system? CCS has introduced an Innovation Fund in an effort to get feedback from students, faculty, and staff and to enhance Gryph Mail as a whole.

The first project of the Innovation Fund, A Date with Gryph Mail, is an opportunity for campus community members, particularly student organizations, to leverage the Gryph Mail calendaring system to better suit their needs.

CCS is seeking innovative way to better utilize the Gryph Mail calendar in order to reduce the need  for mass email on campus. CCS wants to know your ideas and they are willing to pay up to $500 per concept. The $500 award can go towards the implementation of the plan, further development, technical fees, or other options.

The project will award ten grants of $500 each to winners. The application deadlines are January 31, February 28 and May 30 at 4:30pm and decisions will be made on February 14, March 14, and June 14.

For more information please visit http://www.uoguelph.ca/ccs/about/innovation.

Questions from applicants should be directed to Sandy McIntyre by email with the subject line: “CCS Innovation Fund” to . Take this chance to reveal your own ideas

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