The CSA Reacts To Provincial Budget

Monday, May 16, 2005


Written by CSA

The Central Student Association at the University of Guelph was encouraged yesterday by the Ontario government’s new commitment to funding post-secondary education but is once again feeling disappointed by the University’s decision to approve its own budget prior to the release of the province’s new financial plan. The Central Student Association is also anxious to see where these funds will be allocated and under what conditions.

The University of Guelph’s budget for the upcoming year was approved at the April 7th Board of Governor’s meeting. In anticipation of limited government funding, the University budget was designed to run a 6 million dollar deficit and will see an 11 million dollar overall reduction as well as 4.5% cuts across all departments.

Despite pressure from the Central Student Association, the Graduate Student Association and campus workers to postpone the approval of the University’s budget until the province announced its commitments to post-secondary education, the Board of Governors chose to approve the proposed University budget.

“The University’s decision to approve its own budget prior to the release of the provincial government’s budget is more upsetting than ever,” says Hannah Draper, the Central Student Association’s Communications Commissioner. “Now the University is receiving more money than it had anticipated but the cuts have already been made and their impact on campus is already being felt.”

Reflecting on the Board of Governor’s meeting where the University budget was approved, Kim Neale, incoming Board of Governor’s Student Representative, states that "The Board’s refusal to delay the passing of this budget was a distressing and upsetting situation for everyone involved. I am particularly sorry that the Board didn’t choose to represent the views of the Central Student Association, Graduate Student Association, and International Student Organization, especially now in light of this increased funding.”

These sentiments are amplified again today subsequent to the announcement of the provincial budget as University students and workers are left wondering if the devastating cuts approved by the University’s Board of Governor’s were really necessary after all.

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