The Good Lovelies are bringing festive music and holiday cheer to Guelph on December 21st

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

  • It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

    It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Written by Stephanie Rennie

As a young child, Caroline Brooks of the Good Lovelies spent Christmas singing carols at the doors of her neighbours’ homes and being invited in for warm hot chocolate. Though Caroline no longer carols door to door and now sings to venues packed with jolly folks, music still remains a major part of this wonderful season.

For the Good Lovelies, this time of year holds much significance as the trio formed five years ago during the holiday season. Comprised of Caroline Brooks, Kerri Ough, and Sue Passmore, the trio met in December 2006 and haven’t looked back.

Caroline Brooks commented that their “roots start at Christmas time…[so it was] natural to make a Christmas record.” In 2006 the three musicians had prominent solo careers and decided to sing Christmas songs together at Toronto’s Gladstone Hotel. Caroline described this moment as “overwhelming and natural” when they first realized the chemistry between these three beautiful musical talents.

After releasing their first album, the trio set out to produce a Christmas album mixed with old songs that everyone loves and new songs that you just can’t get out of your head. Caroline described that the process of the album “just made sense to us [and] every year we add new songs.”

Under the Mistletoe was released in 2009 and provides a compilation of old favourites, such as Silent Night and God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman, as well as three festive originals. Each member set out to write an original Christmas tune and Brooks described these three songs as “a challenge to ourselves.” When asked about their all-time favourite Christmas songs, Brooks answered without hesitation that “our favourites are the ones we wrote.”

Since their first appearance on stage together in 2006, performing during this snowy time of year has become an ongoing tradition for the trio and they continue to embark on annual Christmas tours each year. Though the Good Lovelies have been busy touring their new album Let the Rain Fall, Brooks explained that they still set out on their annual tour in early December because “it is nice to bring songs out and get people into Christmas.”

Aside from the annual Christmas tour, the Good Lovelies have been busy in the studio and on the road. The trio released Let the Rain Fall in February 2011 and have embarked on an extensive tour in light of this release. With one hundred and fifty shows in one year, Brooks had a difficult time selecting particular venues or cities that were considered favourites, as so many good memories were shared. She mentioned their home town Toronto, as well as Port Hope and Calgary as highlights of the tour. However, the furthest and most overwhelming stop was in Australia to open for the National Folk Festival. Brooks described this experience as “really special” and very rewarding. After touring the United Kingdom and Australia, the Good Lovelies expressed a feeling that they had “solidified us to ourselves.”

Now finally making their way to Ontario on their Christmas tour, Caroline Brooks expressed much enthusiasm and love for our fine city of Guelph. While reminiscing of some memorable moments on stage, Brooks told me a story of playing the Hillside Festival a few years ago on a Saturday night in one of the beer tents. Her voice filled with enthusiasm as she claimed this to be “the single most energetic show from an audience ever.”

The Good Lovelies are looking forward to the same level of energy from the typically spirited Guelph crowd at their Christmas show on Wednesday December 21st   at the Dublin Street United Church. In anticipation of their upcoming stop, Caroline claimed that “shows in Guelph are always so much fun…[and that] the Dublin Street Church is such a gorgeous venue.”  When asked what the Guelph audience can expect from the show, Caroline mentioned that there will be “lots of banter and storytelling,” as well as a full band and some new tunes.

For more information on the Good Lovelies, please visit http://www.goodlovelies.com/site/

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