The Morning After.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Last night the election results piled in. Unfortunately, Elections Ontario's website was unable to handle the number of people trying to access election returns. All Polls have reported in and with all the talk, all the hype and all the preparation things look remarkably the same today as they did yesterday.

The Liberals are holding a majority government with 71 elected seats. The MMP referendum failed 36% to 64%. The Greens still don't have a seat. The PC have the second largest number of seats with 26 and then the NDP with 10 seats. Dalton McGuinty handily won his riding again, as did Howard Hampton. John Tory failed to gain a seat in the Don Valley West Riding and Frank de Jong failed to gain a seat in the Davenport riding and garnered only one third as many votes as Guelph's Ben Polley.

Though the MMP referendum failed the Green party garnered 8% of the popular vote. This is rough for the Green party because under the MMP system, they would fave garnered at the very least their very first seat in Ontario and Guelph might have had two MPPs since Ben Polley took so many votes.

All and all, every things is quite the same today.

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